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5 must-have furniture pieces for your new home

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You've got a new job and have moved to Delhi. You've rented an apartment in one of the most posh locations of Delhi and paid the security advance to the landlord. And now, with all done and dusted, you are looking forward to what the Delhi life is about.

It feels overwhelming to move into a new place and a new house, doesn't it? But before you get ready to move into your new apartment, do you have all the things your new home needs?

When you think of comfort in your home, the first thing that crosses your mind is obviously furniture. It might be a comfortable couch in your TV room or a great chair in one of the best places of the house, where you can sit and relax.

The good thing nowadays is, you can either buy or get furniture on rent in Delhi. But what exactly do you need? Well, to make a home feel like home, a fair few furniture pieces. With so much to do and so little time on hand, knowing what furniture you need to buy or rent is a must.

Here's a checklist of the five most important furniture pieces that you need to add to your new apartment along with a hint on how to choose them.



Whether you call it a couch, a sofa, or a lounger, the couch that you buy for your living room is going to be the central piece. Consider the room space, sofa shape, upholstery material and the number of seating you need before you go ahead to buy or get furniture on rent in Delhi.

Center Table

Center tables come in trendy designs and finishes. And being the ‘other’ central piece in the living room after the sofa, center tables have gained the status of a standalone décor item. Decide on the style, functionality, shape and material of the table before you consider buying one.

Dining Table and Chairs

Choosing a dining table that’s both functional and stylish can be an overwhelming affair. So it is better to know exactly what you’re looking for, as the options are simply endless. You can go for a rectangular, circular, oval or square dining table depending upon the space of your dining room and the seating number.


You spend one-third of your life on bed! This means that you’ll need to buy a comfortable one that gives you a good night’s sleep. Know the size of your room and decide the bed accordingly, as you would not want the bed to be the only furniture in your bedroom.


Having a wardrobe is an extreme necessity for a home as you can store your things securely and properly. You can choose between foldable, sliding door, double-door, single-door, wall-mounted or a free-standing wardrobe, depending upon your need.

Well, this is the list right here. Did we forget something? Oh yes. Function and form go hand in hand, so never let one aspect overpower the other while buying.

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