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5 Smart Furniture Ideas for Studio Apartments in Hyderabad

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So, you’ve just rented a studio apartment in Hyderabad, but the look and feel of your apartment makes you run away to your friend’s den every weekend?! Well, obviously it’s hard to find a home owner who shares your passion for décor. So, all that you have around the apartment are eye sore cabinets and outdated furniture. Fixing up a rental studio apartment may seem daunting in the first go, but there are plenty of easy-peasy things that you can do to add some life to the mundane feel of your place.

Either you can endure the mundane décor, or you can choose to get some quirky furniture on rent in Hyderabad. Summers are approaching fast, so this is the prime time to get your apartment in order.

On top of cleaning up all the clutter, here are a few smart and functional furniture ideas when revamping a studio apartment: -

Idea 1 - Buy Big Furniture Pieces

Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a small place, you don't need to shy away from big furniture. You might feel to choose small furniture pieces, but too many pieces of small furniture put here and there might make your apartment too cluttered. On the contrary, a few smart, larger pieces like Papasan chair, bean bags, egg swing, etc. can make the place feel bigger as well as airier.

Idea 2 - Add Storage

By creating easy storage options at different places, you can get rid of the clutter. Browse through the storage options like side tables, TV storage units, bed with storage, etc. to find the perfect way to utilize your space.

Idea 3 - Add an Ultra-Cool Accent Chair

There’s no better place to relax than in a recliner chair or classic egg swing! Accent chairs are both stylish and defining pieces that do not compromise on comfort.

Idea 4 - Create Partitions

A studio apartment doesn’t give you the luxury of a separate study or living space, so make your own separations using furniture. Add a side table or desk as a separation between bedroom and living room.

Idea 5 - Have Multiple Table Surfaces

If you’ve rented out a studio apartment, add those pieces of furniture on rent in Hyderabad which can help you enjoy it to the fullest. For that, make sure that there are enough surfaces within an arm's reach to hold items such as drinks, books, reading glasses, etc.

Living in a studio apartment, if set up right, can be cozy and a fun experience. When revamping a rental studio apartment, amp it up with the right furniture pieces, and make your studio apartment a creative extension of you.

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