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5 Ways to Pep-Up Your Boring Dining Room!

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Are you bored the way your dining room looks? And need some peppy dining room décor ideas?

Changing the centerpiece to alterations in painting, there are innumerable ways to make your boring dining room look fun. All you need is a bit of creativity combined with earnest effort. If you’re bored with the furniture, or do not have a dining table, you can also rent or buy new furniture for your dining room. Look for the classic styles when opting for a dining table on rent, and add a new aura to your room.

So, you’ve got the table, chairs, a chandelier, and may be a sideboard, but you still think there’s something missing to it.

Don’t stress yourself, here are some unique ways to pep up your dining style:-

Pop Up the Windows

Let’s begin by adding some definition to the windows. A small touch of pattern on the windows can instantly brighten up the space. Look for pretty prints or floral fabrics; they match well with a wooden dining table and chairs.

Dress Up the Floor

Liven up your dining room floor with a neutral colored rug- white, brown, cream or grey. Neutral colors provide an excellent background to any other color, and go well with all decorating styles.

Swap the Light Fixture

A statement light fixture can instantly change the look and feel of a dining room. An overhead light fixture comes in a range of styles, from antique to contemporary and traditional styles. Woven pendant fixture, filament-bulb chandelier or a classic glass lantern, are some of the popular light fixture styles.

Paint Your Walls

Boost the ambience with color hues. Look for a color that’s bold but not overpowering, like deep green, mocha or espresso. If you like subtle hues, try cappuccino, warm white or cream hues. You can even add extra fun to the walls with a striped paint treatment.

Liven Up the Space with Artwork

Add an artwork shelf to the dining room. You can keep changing the artwork from paintings to family pictures and more, from time to time. Play around with proportions here - start with larger frames to medium and finish by putting a few small frames at the front. To focus attention to the frames, hang lighting on the wall above the shelf.

Forget about matching, and infuse some fun into your dining room with these quirky décor ideas!

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