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6 Tips to Help You Keep Your Fridge Clean

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Your fridge is probably the most used appliance in your kitchen; the most used and the most abused! Crumbs, spills, drips, your fridge has a lot to contend with on a daily basis. There is no doubt to the fact that a fridge is an irreplaceable part of any household, storing your grocery, keeping leftovers, there are a lot of uses that a fridge has.

Whether you have managed to save enough to buy one or you have opted to take a refrigerator on rent in Gurgaon, keeping your fridge clean and tidy can end up being quite a task.

Luckily, here are six tips tips that can help you out in this regard: -

Use a Lazy Susan

One of the easiest tips to follow, installing a Lazy Susan or two can help you a lot. It makes it very simple to reach the items towards the back of a shelf and also helps in keeping the stored food organized.

Weekly Clean Up

Every week (or before you go grocery shopping), do a clean-up of your fridge and throw out everything that is old, not being used, or past its expiry date. Not only does this help you get rid of old leftovers before they go bad, but can also help you decide what you need to buy while shopping, or what item you need to buy less of.

The Wipe Down

This one is an obvious tip. Before you put any container inside your fridge, make sure that its outside is not dirty or sticky.


Use some labelled baskets and organize the stuff you store. Keep similar things in the same area; this makes the refrigerator look more organized and it also helps a lot when you know exactly where to look for something.

Line the Surfaces

Yes, fridge shelves are removable and can be cleaned, but if you place placing mats or shrink wrap on your fridge shelves, it becomes easier to clean if you have an accidental spill.

If life gives you lemons, why not get some tequila and salt to go with it?! If finances are stopping you from making you home a complete place, rent appliances in Hyderabad, or the city that is your home, and make your living worth it!

Storing Leftovers

Whenever you store any leftovers, do not stuff them in some corner of the fridge. It’s easy to forget them. Make sure they are always stored at eye level, so they are easily noticeable when one opens the fridge, making it easy to finish them before they go bad.

Some simple tips and tricks are all you need to make sure your fridge remains clean. If you have opted to take a refrigerator on rent in Gurgaon, it becomes all the more important to keep it in good order, for one day you will have to return it, and you wouldn’t want them to deduct anything from your deposit because of the fridge’s condition.

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