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Benefits of Renting a Washing Machine Rather than Buying One

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A reliable washing machine is definitely one of the most important house appliances that one should own. Doing laundry becomes a much more time-consuming and labor-intensive task without an efficient washer. There are so many options available with a number of advanced features, but they at times come with a hefty price tag. The good part is that buying one is not the only option you have, as you can get a washing machine on rent. This is a great option for side-stepping budgetary restraints and also a popular choice among people living in a different city on rent.

Here are some of the best advantages of getting a washing machine on rent rather than purchasing it:

 1.     Cost-Effective

Good, reliable washing machines by trustworthy brands, which are also equipped with advanced features, generally cost a pretty penny to purchase. For people who don’t want to burn a whole in their pocket, or who require a short-term solution while they save up for a buy, or people who move to new cities or have a long-term stay coming up in another city, the option to rent appliances is the best solution.

 2.     Convenience

Like every other appliance, washing machines also require servicing at regular intervals. When you purchase an appliance, you have to take care of everything, from installation to maintenance, etc. But if you get a washing machine on rent, you can look for options where the rental cost includes periodic maintenance as well.

 3.     Flexibility

With furniture and appliance rental services, all you need to do is explore their range to find a suitable product and select a subscription plan. If at any point of time you feel that you don’t need the appliance anymore, you can easily cancel the subscription. Or you can go for an upgraded model as well without any hassles.


Rentickle is a furniture and appliance rental company that offers a convenient way to get high-quality furniture and appliances for your living space at the most competitive prices. The range includes everything from refrigerators to air coolers, double beds to sofas, and washing machines to air purifiers.

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