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How to Choose a Dining Table

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Truly so, loving families live together, eat together and sleep together! A perfect dining experience begins with creating an aesthetic dining room; and creating a remarkable dining room starts with the perfect dining table.

The focal point of any dining room is the dining table that sets up the theme of the entire room. Before you think to shop around, you can consider of the money saving option of having a 4 seater dining table on rent. But before all of that, you need to think about how you would want your eating space to look. You must take into account a number of things like the space of the room, dining table style and size, and also the kind of mood and environment you want to create. Dining room table is the central piece of the room, so you need to be sure to get the right one.

If you intend to get yourself a dining table, you will probably get confused about how to choose one. There is so much variety out there; it's hard to know where to begin. Let's break a table down to its basics to help you find the right one for you.


Common Dining Table Shapes



The rectangular dining table is the most popular of the lot. The reason being, it is the most functional shape that allows for a spacious dining experience and comes in a range of styles.


The square is not that popular table design. It has four legs that are equidistant from each other, and are good for long or narrow rooms.


Round tables are for the space cramped rooms. A round table creates a more intimate dining experience and allows for shifting seating options.


Oval dining tables are classic pieces that go with any room, spacious or cosy. The curved edges of an oval table look more pleasing than the poking corners of a rectangular one.


Tips to make the best choice


  • 1.Select a table that’s sturdy yet stylish

If you want a table that lasts for long then go for a hardwood, such as mahogany, teak, oak, maple, etc. You can also go for composite woods, which include plywood and MDF; composite woods are durable and are an economical replacement to hardwoods.

  • 2.Choose a shape that fits with your room space

Light colors and reflective materials can make your room look spacious than it actually is, but shape of the dining table always plays an important part. You can choose a shape that works fine for most rooms. Round tables look good in cosy rooms and square tables look good in narrow rooms. You can settle for an oval table that usually works well with most dining spaces.

  • 3.Choose color with care

Classic colors, such as brown, red, white are the popular choices. Make a color choice according to the interiors of your dining room to create a complementing look.

When you choose a 4 seater dining table on rent, make a choice based on the shape, design, and size that fits your dining room and looks pleasant to the eye.

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