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Here’s why college students in Pune should opt for renting instead of buying!

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For most young adults, it is time to move out of their parents’ nest and be on their own in a new city for their college coming fall season, as the excitement reaches a peak to start their new life, it also gets quite frustrating and tiresome looking for budget friendly furniture rental options in their new space.

Now one must wonder, why to rent furniture when you can just buy it? But we tend to forget that we are talking about college students here and the majority of them if not all, can’t afford that type of luxury on their own yet.

Pune as a city is quite popular among youngsters and the credit goes out to the authorities itself, recently Pune was also ranked as the top Indian city among a total of 111 urban clusters in terms of ‘livability’ by India’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. Pune has great public infrastructure such as roads and railways along with well-functioning utilities of water supply and drainage.

Now why won’t one move to a city like this for better living? That’s why students also pick Pune as their first option knowing that it is called Oxford of the east due to all the well-established universities present in this city.

So let’s discuss how a furniture rental could possibly be the better option for the college students in a new city like Pune:

Plenty of benefits that come along with Furniture Rentals are as follows:

  • The biggest one and the most important feature for any student to consider furniture rental for is the cost effectiveness on their entire budget, they literally just have to pay a fraction of buying cost of new furniture, so now as a student you can get that cozy patio sofa on rent without hesitating.
  • Your furniture let’s say when you rent a bed, it gets to be as flexible as the student moving in and out of the city, whether you are living off campus or going back home for the holidays, you get to pick the tenure of the furniture according to your own timeline.
  • There are multiple packages available in all ranges that can suit everyone’s lifestyle needs. It’s a complete one-stop hassle free experience, something that all students go for and if furniture on rent is also available in such a great deal then why not?
  • The worries of moving your furniture as you move houses is all a thing of the past now because when you opt to rent furniture from a provider in your city, all the relocation troubles are taken care of by the same service provider, making renting the perfect choice for all the students shifting to a new city.

At Rentickle, when you opt for furniture rental, it comes with a variety of different choices in multiple categories to pick from for your space. It just doesn’t stop there because when you rent furniture it also comes along with additional benefits like Free Delivery, Free Maintenance, Easy Returns and Free Relocation, especially at Rentickle.

While we have discussed all the benefits of renting furniture, to make a fair comparison, buying or getting old furniture on discounted price can still be a costlier situation than renting products also considering the factors that there will be no additional services like free after care services and maintenance on the furniture and appliances that will be a plus point in getting furniture on rent.

So no need for students in Pune to worry about their dull and boring living space from now on as Rentickle is finally stepping into simplify your life when you rent furniture for your lifestyle solutions that are trendy, efficient and fits right in your budget!

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