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Your Guide To Being A Likeable Tenant

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The landlord-tenant relationship can be a tricky line to walk. As a tenant you have the complete right to enjoy the property you’ve rented out, but it is also your responsibility to ensure that the house is well- kept and is respected. Inversely, the landlord must be liberating enough to make it comfortable for you. Here’s our handy 5-point guide to be a likeable tenant and get along with your landlord better.

1.Pay the rent on time

Ah, the obvious. Nothing makes a tenant more likeable than he/she paying the rent on time. Depending on your financial capabilities, you might even pay a few days early, scoring a few extra brownie points. And in cases where you know in advance that you might have to pay late some month, you must be upfront about it to make it less dramatic for the landlord and yourself.

2. Read your lease page to page before you sign it

This will help you catch potential issues before hand and clear them out with the landlord. For instance, if you know a family member or friend who visits you regularly, tell about it ahead of time. If there are any verbal agreements made on the landlord’s part, make sure he puts it in paper. This will help you avoid any confusion in the future, regarding your rights as a tenant. To quote a highly relevant proverb here, ‘a stitch in time saves nine!’

3.Do not go against your own words

Breaking a lease in terms of matters like non–payment of the rent, subletting (it is illegal, so don’t ever do that!) or moving out before time, is an unethical practice. However, smaller points that go against the lease count too. While technically a landlord has the right to evict a tenant for breaking any lease term(s), most of them don’t. But it’s better to stick to the agreed terms for existing peacefully with your flat lender.

4.Treat the house like your own

While the general wear and tear is normal, do not cause intentional damage to the place. Damages will annoy the landlord and may even get you charged unnecessarily. Therefore, look after your premises with respect and care, just like you would do for a house you own. It’s best to leave the place in the same condition as it was when you first entered it as a tenant.

5.Look at the neighbourhood as your own too

Removing rubbish, cleaning up the spills and not blocking car parking, fire stairs etc. are some bits you must take care of Also, respect the peace of your neighbours, especially when hosting parties or returning late at night.

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