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Top Furniture Maintaining Hacks To Keep It Looking New And Fresh

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A good-looking classic piece of furniture, such as a wooden chair or a dining set, never goes out of style and adds elegance to your living space. Some people also choose to search for ‘furniture rental near me’, to choose furniture according to their preferences and to add a sense of allure to their home. An aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture not only adds to the ambience of the room but also speaks volumes about one's personality. For this very reason, one needs to pay closer attention to the maintenance of their furniture to keep them looking fresh and new. Without proper care, the furniture can have tea or coffee cup rings, faded polish, dullness and a lackluster look that can tarnish the overall appearance of the furniture. Hence, one can search for furniture cleaner for their wooden furniture, which comes in very handy when it comes to cleaning furniture on a regular basis.

Although furniture rental is a convenient way to furnish and brighten up living spaces, one must know a few cleaning and maintenance tips to keep the furniture brand new. When it comes to cleaning wooden furniture, here’s how you can keep your furniture brand new and away from wear and tear.

Regular Dusting

Accumulation of dust and debris is always a concern when it comes to buying or renting furniture. Whether it is your stylish sofa set or wooden dining table, the accumulated dust particles and grime can tarnish the look of the furniture. The dust particles can eventually lead to scratches on the surfaces as well. And by dusting, we don’t simply mean wiping the settled dust away with a fabric piece, as the dust can settle back again on surfaces. A damp microfibre cloth is one of the best ways to wipe furniture surfaces. Furthermore, using gentle cleaning agents for furniture is advised to keep the surfaces shiny and maintain their luster.

No Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Secondly, be extremely cautious when placing furniture, such as wooden dining chairs or tables, exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods. The sun’s heat can erode furniture finishes and can result in difficult-to-repair cracks. Any piece of furniture must not be placed directly exposed to the sunlight, as it can also result in bright and dark spots, which can ruin the quality of the furniture. To mitigate this, one can use a tablecloth to cover the furniture’s tabletop or place the furniture where there is minimal exposure to sunlight.

Remove Tough Stains

Sometimes we tend to ignore removing stains, especially water stains, which can eventually be tough to remove. Such stains can form with hot or cold water containers placed directly on the surfaces without any placemat or coaster. At times, you might need stronger cleaning solutions or try DIY furniture polish to fight off stubborn stains. Always ensure to use a damp microfibre cloth to remove the stains efficiently without leaving any scratches behind.

Oil and Wax Regularly

After a period of time, you might notice some parts of the furniture to be losing its luster. Using wood furniture polish, oil, or wax is one of the best ways to add a protective layer to the furniture, which is not very heavy on the pockets as well. Ideally, oiling and waxing your furniture every three months is suggested to keep your furniture shiny and looking straight out of the showroom. Before wood polish, wax or oil for your furniture, always seek advice from the vendor if additional cleaning solutions are needed for your chosen type of furniture.

Keep Sharp Objects at Bay

One might come across a list of do’s and don’ts, especially when it comes to renting furniture. One such important consideration is keeping your furniture away from sharp objects. One can use coasters, placemats, table runners or glass coverings to protect the tabletops. A scratch on your valuable piece of furniture never looks good. Hence you must avoid keeping sharp objects too close to the furniture; one of the effective ways how to keep the polish of your wooden furniture intact.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t take much to breathe life into your furniture and keep it fresh and new for many years to come. The good thing is that you get to keep furniture brand new with a few price-efficient tips from Rentickle, whether rental or owned furniture. With these essential tips and tricks, you can make your furniture last longer, maintain its shine and elegance, and enhance your overall living space without going too heavy on your pockets.

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