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A Breakfast of Leftovers: 3 ‘Quick to Whip’ Breakfast Options

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Do you know what’s hard? Living a busy life in the Millennium City that is Gurgaon, still finding the time to cook, and realizing you made too much food. Gone are the days when you had to stuff everything down your gullet because you hadn’t been able to save enough to buy a fridge; because these days it is just so easy to find a good fridge on rent in Gurgaon. But you are still left with a considerable amount of leftovers; a fridge just keeps them from spoiling. Instead of throwing the leftovers away or hoarding them for ages before you throw them away;why not find a new purpose for these leftovers?

We’ve already mentioned that it’s a busy life and we all know that breakfast is a very important meal, and we all tend to miss out on breakfast, because no one has the time. So why not combine the two issues and breakfast with quick and easy leftover recipes.

Anything Aloo

There is nothing easier than whipping up a bowl of aloo curry or jeera aloo or aloo tamatar for a quick meal. The best part is that these leftovers can be dealt with in a number of delicious ways. Dry out the aloo if it isn’t already, and then the world is your oyster. You could stuff them into parathas (also works with other dishes), or you could put them between bread and dip them in batter and fry them up for some bread pakoras. Another idea is to either use a pressed sandwich maker or if you don’t have that, you could use a normal frying pan and press down on the sandwich with something heavy. Aloo is our favorite leftover to deal with.

The Parantha

Sometimes you cook for someone and they end up not eating their share and you end up with leftover paranthas.Reheating them is like using the resurrection stone, you get a semblance of what you lost but it’s not the same.What you can do, is sauté up some onions and tomato and whichever other veggies with whatever condiments you like, break up the pieces of parantha and cook for a while to make something called a kothu. Another option is to make an omelet, and before the egg is cooked through, stick the paratha on it and allow it to cook some more.

Dal in the dough

Have some leftover dal? Simply do what moms have been doing for ages. Kneed it into the dough and have some wholesome dal paranthas to have with curd or pickle or butter or whatever you like.

You get the idea, right? All you need is some imagination and leftovers can help you make a completely new meal. No need to blame time for a missed breakfast anymore!

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