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Add a dash of 'awesome' to your small bedroom

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A lot of us folks, who are living on rent in Gurgaon, begin with rather small rooms to call their own. The thing with living on rent is that there are a lot of regulations that are imposed by the landlords on the whole decoration of the room issue. Plus, it is mostly a temporary place where you really wouldn't want to spend a lot of money, making it suit your requirements. But, that is not at all any reason to fret, for there are a number of cheap and easy ways to decorate a room, while keeping with the regulations as well.


A Mural

Buy or make (if you're good at that) a mural poster. Hang it on your wall to add an instant bit of pizzazz and personal style to your room. It's much cheaper than paint or wallpaper (which also may not be allowed)and it adds to the space of the room, and can be changed whenever the mood hits you.


Chairs take up a lot of place and can sometimes look rather space consuming in a small space, so chuck that out and get a rental bean bag. Too direct? We agree. The best way to deal with this is to remove the traditional seating arrangement with a number of throw pillows or bean bags on the floor. For the "not overstepping the budget part", you should seriously consider opting for a rental bean bag in Gurgaon, like seriously.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is a sort of tape with a lot of patterns and designs and is a really hot item in the market these days. Nice to look at and easy to use, as well as remove, Washi Tape is a must have in all room revamps. The simplest of things that you can do with it is cover the edges of your shelves, or you could use it to give your pictures a boundary and make a collage, or you could use the tape to make some patterns in your room. As we said, Washi Tape is a definite must have when it comes to decoration.



Some small bonsais or potted plants around the room can really help liven up a place. Just make sure that you keep them neat and that you are able to take proper care of them. As good as potted plants might look; dead plants bring down the morale.



Instead of a whole floor covered with a rug, using small, funky rugs at various places can make even a small room look more inviting. You can keep switching the positions or changing the rugs, which is definitely not possible with a larger rug.

When it comes to make a room your own, it's not so much about the space you have, as it is about what you do with it.

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