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Air Pollution Level Calls Out For Action – Are You Taking Any?

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We all have been avoiding the mother nature for such a long time that now when the adverse effects have started showing we aren’t prepared...or are we?...

In this blog, you’ll get to know about:

After the recent studies showed Delhi’s Air Quality to hit an all-time high number of 397, just 3 point less than the 400 mark which indicates “severe” status of the quality. Everyone in the country especially in the Northern region have woken up and are finally giving attention to this public health crisis.

Day before yesterday on 29th October, WHO released a report on clean air which said that exposure to ambient particulate matter leads to more than one in every four deaths of children under 5 years and is directly or indirectly related to environmental risks. Both Ambient Air pollution (AAP) and household air pollution (HAP) contribute to respiratory tract infections that resulted in 543 000 deaths in children under 5 years in 2016., the highest for any country in the world.

Air quality index (AQI), On a scale of 0-500, AQI in the range of 0-50 is considered ‘good’, 51-100 ‘satisfactory’, 101-200 ‘moderate’, 201-300 ‘poor’, 301-400 ‘very poor’ and 401-500 ‘severe’.

Delhi’s air quality was 367 according to the report on Monday and the situation deteriorated to 397 on Tuesday, which further increased to 401 crossing the “severe” level.

On Tuesday, Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) said private cars will be stopped from plying in the capital if the air continues to worsen.

There’s a need, for us to be more careful especially in the present week especially from 1st November onwards as the period between 1st November to 15th November would be the toughest one.

Crop burning will be at its peak, which will be accompanied by firecrackers during Diwali celebrations as the winter approaches.

There’s a famous saying that states that prevention is better than cure... So how can we actually prevent these hazardous particles entering our lungs and immune system? Since the outside air quality is deteriorating, it’s a no brainer that the air quality inside won’t be any good. In fact, it could be worse. Indoor air quality can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, and since studies have shown that people spend 90% of their time indoors, this is a big deal. Poor air quality can threaten your family's health, so it's important to keep things out of your home that cause pollution, and ensure that your house is well-ventilated.

Here’s how you can prevent your indoors and live a healthy life:

Use Low-VOC Paints

Paints release trace amounts of gases for months after application — even though they appear to be fully dried and the smell is gone. These gases are called VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, and can include highly toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

Clean Your Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier

Standing water and high humidity encourage the growth of dust and moulds — some of the most common triggers that can worsen your health condition. Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner when needed, and clean both regularly.

Purify with Plants

A NASA study proves that indoor air can be purified with plants, which stated, "Houseplants can purify and rejuvenate air within our houses and workplaces, safeguarding us from any side effects associated with prevalent toxins like ammonia, formaldehyde and also benzene."

Get an Air Purifier

For clean water we have water purifiers but what about clean air? Air purifier have become a necessity these days and with the increase in polluted air nothing could be better than cleaning out the indoor air thoroughly. Current Air Purifier comes with anion generator which induces positive emotions while it seamlessly blends into your environment. Air purifiers eliminates harmful odours, leaving behind odourless and clean air to breathe.

To - Rent or Not - To - Rent ?

For an immediate effect and to take control on your health, one must start investing in an Air Purifier especially if there’s an elderly person in the household. But is it really worth buying?

Since the deterioration of air quality is at an all time high, Air Purifiers are our only hope for a quick fix in our home environment but is it right to invest a big amount in an air purifier?

These are the real questions...

Well if a person can afford it then why not but if you are on a budget then there could be a better way than just buying one.

Since the air quality breaches the severe levels for a specific time period throughout every year in India and especially in the Delhi NCR region, the best option would be to rent it out rather than buying.

Yes, renting!

As indoor air is full of numerous contaminants, namely pollutants, pet dander, chemicals, mites, smoke particles etc …

An air purifier could help in securing your health while keeping the indoor air fresh and clean through the toxic air outside.

It’s beneficial because you actually get to try out its benefits for a specific time and return it back to the vendor once the air quality goes back to normal, along with renting certain vendors like Rentickle also provide after care services absolutely free so a person won’t have to worry about the cleaning of the appliance or any maintenance issue.

Renting is easier than buying when you just want to test out a particular product for a specific time and see whether the claims are true or not, thus renting an air purifier during this time can be extremely favorable for people who want to experience the benefits of having one at an affordable cost. 

Rent An Air Purifier Today, Breathe Clean Fresh Air In Your Living Space!

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