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We all have been guilty of throwing random leftover food items in our fridge and just forgetting about it altogether, only to find them weeks later rotting up in the back. The home appliances on rent or your very own appliance needs a good care from time to time. So if you are from the same tribe like most of the people then your fridge needs a mighty good clean and organization session.

Now working your way on planning a cleaning session for your appliances on rent can be extremely tiresome and we are just talking about only thinking and planning, imagine actually going ahead and doing it? It would be exhausting, isn’t it?

Well no need to dread on the situation, we have got you covered.

Check out the points below to keep your refrigerator organized:


Leftovers meets the eye

As we talked in the beginning, leftovers in the fridge can turn stale when kept for so long so it’s better to keep it all in the front where it meets the eye and easier to spot on before they get unfit for eating.


Better when Unrefrigerated

Some of the fruits and vegetables don’t agree with the ideology of everything being refrigerated to save them from staling, that’s why it’s important to keep in mind which food to be stored in the fridge and which to be not, some of the items from the “not” category are – Tomatoes, bananas, avocados and potatoes as they all should be stored at room temperature for better usage in food dishes.


Prep it up!

Whether you want a light snack or put it in a salad, keep everything prepared in advance so there is less hassle when you need it for your food. Chop-up bite size pieces and keep it sealed in small containers and then mix it with your dishes whenever you like.


Label everything!

Life is a lot easier when you can make out where everything is kept properly but how do you make it possible in fridge shelves? You label everything! That’s right. Designate every shelf for a specific type of condiments and dressings.

Tall ones at the back

You can never be too organized for a fridge or any appliances on rent, as you label items in order to sort them out, you can also place the jars that are tall in height and arrange everything on the shelves according to height.

After discussing all the quick and easy ways in which one can organize their fridge, let’s talk about the ones who are looking for a fridge of their own in order to follow these steps.

Now if you are planning to buy and you can afford it then it’s all great but if you are one of those people who are looking for budget friendly options then you can consider getting home appliances on rent which fits right in the budget.

At Rentickle, Home appliances rental not only helps in maintaining the budget while being extremely affordable but also comes along with additional benefits like Free Maintenance, Free Relocation, Free Delivery, and Easy Returns.

So go ahead and rent a fridge - In order for your appliances to work smarter and better, you need to keep everything organized whether it is your own home appliance or whether you have gotten your appliance on rent.

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