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Tips to make your room look vibrant

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After spending the whole day in your office, you come back to your home to relax. Won't it be great if your room was so lively and vibrant that it can fill you up with excitement again? Here are few tips to make your room more lively:

1. Colour Scheme: One of the most important things that governs the look and feel of your room is the colour scheme that you have chosen. Try to have light colours on the wall unless you have the luxury of owning a huge room (dark colored walls tend to make the room appear smaller). Also, try to keep furnishings such as lamps, chairs, pillow covers etc as bright as possible to make the room look more vibrant.

2. Minimalistic Design: As far as possible, try to follow a minimalistic design. Its the in-thing now a days, and gives your bedroom a modern look.

3. Dont Stuff Too Much: The biggest mistake we make while furnishing our room is to put too much stuff in our room. Try to put stuff thats not too big for your room. Too much stuff tends to make the room look untidy.

4. Use of alternate material: Too much wood and dark colors associated with it can also make the room look too stuffed. Try using alternate material such as cane and bamboo for chairs. Also, having live plants in your room is also not a bad idea (provided you get some sunlight in the room).

5. Wall Hangings: While most of us would paste large pictures of our favourite film stars or cricketers on our walls, it may be good to have few neatly designed wall hangings wherein you can put the your's and your loved one's pictures. 

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