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Flying carpets sound really fun but unfortunately, they don’t exist. Nevertheless, non-flying carpets on rental are equally fun and useful. Here’s why (and we are damn serious about these): -

  • • Like any other carpet, they are light on the pocket, feel extremely soft and help you enhance the appearance of your beautiful home.
  • • They are also great for standing, sitting, dancing, twisting and even pretending to be flying on.
  • • Available in vibrant colours, these can really take your home décor game to the next level of perfection.


These living room carpets on rent make a perfect accessory and to convince you a little more on why your living room needs one, following is a compilation of the most practical and fashion-conscious reasons:


  • 1) They define your space, endowing the necessary warmth that makes your apartment feel like home, it creates a welcoming ambience and gives out a sense of comfort.
  • 2) Most interior decorators consider carpets an important element of home decoration. It gives the home an experience of completeness and detail.
  • 3) Rugs provide excellent insulation against both heat and cold, so you don’t have to hop around your house in the winters when the floor goes cold as ice and neither in summers when the sun heats up the ground.
  • 4) Well-cushioned carpets are also great for soundproofing or reducing the ambient sounds for a quieter and relaxed living space.
  • 5) They help create safe and non-slippery surfaces, minimizing the risk of falling and tripping. And also provides cushioning for the times you do stumble.
  • 6) Carpets also double as a light foot massager and relaxer, reducing the strain caused by walking barefoot on hard tile or stone surfaces.
  • 7) It helps keep the home clean. Carpets, generally made of layered fabrics, tend to absorb dust and pollutants into its deeper layers. But do clean your carpet every 6 to 9 months or they’re going to be a mess loaded with all the dust that accumulates over those months.
  • 8) Oh! Not to forget, living room carpets on rent are also much economical compared to the expensive designer ones that normally need a fair amount of investment.

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