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Cooler For The Summers : Beat the heat!

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Read on for the perfect tips to keep your house cool and pleasant from the heat and many benefits of having a cooler on rent this coming summer!

Summertime means being free from the dark and melancholy weather, soaking into the golden sun and enjoying the long awaited plans with our friends and family.

You know how they say a good weather can make or break your mood;

as much as summers are fun we can’t deny the fact that with all that comes the unbearable scorching heat, so now what do you do?

Don’t fret, Here I have created the only useful tips you’ll ever need on how to decor and revamp your house and make it summer ready!


Soothe the soul :

We all have learnt in our science classes how light colors especially in fabrics reflect the light, so you can apply the same technique in your living space as well which will not only make the room have less heat than usual but also make it look lively and quite spacious.

The color palette of such tones would preferably be the more neutrals ranging from beige to olives to pastels to lilacs and peaches.

Even slight contrast and different tone of bright colors like wine red, mustard yellow, tropical green, navy blue can add life to your whole living space.


Indoor plants to keep the outdoor heat away :

If you are looking for an easy and smarter way to keep the temperatures down in your household, get indoor plants - not only they keep the air cool but also purifies your breathing space.

Indoor plants along with marble finished pots and pastel background also adds the aesthetic value to any living space and is one of the most preferred way to revamp a room by almost everyone these days due to their immense versatility.

Some of the famous choices for such plants would be - Ficus Elastica (Rubber Plant), Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema),Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum).


Get. Set. Print! :

Adding elements to your living space can really show depth of the decor, prints with floral and tropical designs along with abstract pieces and bright or neutral colors works tremendously well especially in the summer season by making the room appear more pleasant and bright!


Natural Fabrics for the win! :

In summers it’s essential to pick fabrics that are breathable material whether it’s for your clothes or your house decor because nothing is more irritating than having to deal with the uncomfortableness that tags along with the harsh fabrics.

So, fabrics which have insulating properties will keep you cool even if the weather outside is scorching hot! The best natural fabric out there as we all know is cotton, it’s great for your clothes, your beddings, your sofa covers - just about anything!

Other versatile fabric along with cotton is Linen- it is a highly absorbent material and great conductor of heat and because of that linen fabric feels cool to touch which is just perfect for summers!


Ditch the AC, turn on the Cooler! :

A quicker, efficient and right in your budget solution for summer heat would be to get a cooler on rent, since usage of AC has been proven to lead to health damage in the long term.

An air cooler on the other hand, allows proper ventilation in the room and keeps the toxins at bay since it uses the traditional method of spreading air by evaporating the water to keep the room cool hence getting the term water cooler which is quite eco-friendly than the ACs.

Apart from the usual, ACs also consume a lot of power which in-turn makes the air coolers an ideal budget-friendly option for many people.

Also when you want to save more, it makes sense that you rent out appliances like air coolers since summer season only will last for approx 6-8 months and why bother buying a new appliance for such a short period when you can get the lowest air cooler rental in the marketplace.

With Rentickle, it makes the user experience even better by providing additional benefits like Free Delivery, Free Maintenance, Easy Returns and Free Relocation.

When top notch quality products with all the essential benefits are available right in your budget, you just gotta - Sit back, relax and get ready for summer season!

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