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Essential Furniture for Small Living Space

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Most professionals, at one point in life or another, find themselves living in a compact space. For compact spaces, selecting the right furniture can be the difference between making your home feel cramped or comfortable.

To ensure that the very limited space you have at your disposal isn’t cluttered with unnecessary furniture, here are 4 furniture must-haves:-

Pedestal Table

Pedestal tables work great with small spaces. A circular table with a slender pedestal base can be easily tucked into small spaces. As the table is circular, there is no chance of you bumping into sharp corners. The nearly leg-less base makes squeezing a friend around the already crowded table, easier.

Pro Tip: If you change apartments regularly, it would be better to rent the furniture instead outright purchase. There are number of companies renting furniture in Gurgaon, Noida and other locations across the NCR.

Vertical or Horizontal Shelving

Shelving that can be either horizontal or vertical is another must-have. Instead of choosing the largest possible shelving unit that will fit the space, go for versatile cubby-like shelves that can stand both upright, or lie flat. A pair of such shelves can stand side by side on a big wall, can be separated to be used in different rooms, or to flank your TV cabinet or sofa. You can also position such shelves horizontally to use as a bench.

A Stack of Stools

Bulky armchairs and giant sofas will just eat up the already limited space you have, so avoid these at all costs. However, you still need ample seating. A simple solution to this problem is to purchase a stack of stools, and place them in a corner. When you have guests coming over, simply un-stack the stools.

Small Armchairs

We know that bulky armchairs are cozy, but they also take up a lot of floor space. In compact living spaces, you can have a lot more seating available by opting for armless chairs or chairs with an upright profile. And if you do move to a larger apartment sometime in the future, a pair of such small armchairs can flank larger seating arrangements or a console table.

Smart choices when selecting furniture for a compact space can make a huge difference on how welcoming your home looks. If you are averse to buying furniture, rent it instead! Renting furniture has many advantages. Connect with us at Rentickle, one the best places for renting furniture in Gurgaon, and you’ll come to know why.

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