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The Most Pocket-Friendly Fridge Decor Ideas

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Every room in the house has some or the other focal point, which draws the eye immediately as one enters the room. For the kitchen, that focal piece is generally the fridge, unless you have a cow grazing away in the kitchen.

The thing with the fridges is that even if you get the best and most expensive model available in the market, with the best and most amazing features, it is going to get boring after a while. We humans rather like these little changes, and our attention spans, though definitely more than goldfish, does make a fridge seem so boring, no matter what is inside. That is why we all need some decor ideas in our life, ideas that can be changed easily to keep things from stagnating. Before you say that you don’t own a fridge, remember that you can very easily find a fridge on rent in Delhi, even if it is only to try out these ideas.

1.Alphabet Magnets

Alphabet Magnets

The idea to put alphabets on your fridge is probably the oldest ideas ever. You can play around with them, spell out weird words, leave messages, etc. etc. But, what we want to suggest is that you not only put up alphabet magnets, but make them look adult. How do you do that? Cover the primary colors of the alphabets; paint them gold, silver, or even black for your customized magnets.

2.Pin Ups

Pin Ups

You need clothespins, paint, glue, tape, magnetic strips, etc. Take a clothespin and decorate in whatever way you like. It could have funny faces, or you could make a paper cutout of messages like “To-Do” or “Numbers” or “Messages” and paste them to the pins. Once your pins have all been made pretty, put on a magnetic strip and your magnets are ready. Not only do these look rather funky, the pins can also be used to hold up other papers and messages.

3.Smart Boards

Smart Boards

Love leaving notes for your roommates? Need a quirky menu board? No matter what you want it for, putting a small blackboard on your fridge is a rather fun idea for everyone. Just make sure that the magnets you use are strong enough to hold the board in place. This is a good idea especially if you have taken a fridge on rent in Delhi as you’re not changing the fridge in any way and it can be returned easily after simply removing the board.

4.The Collage

The Collage

Sometimes a simple idea can turn out to be one of the best. Take your favorite photos and put them up on your fridge. They don’t even have to be your own photos, just anything you like. It can be a messy collage or it can be a nicely arranged grid. That totally depends on you.

A little time and a little creativity is all it takes to give your fridge a completely new look. Make the outside count as much as the inside does.

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