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Furnishing your home when on Savings Mode

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We all have been subjected to the many “struggles” of life. Trying to make ends meet on a meagre pay; struggling to save, out of the pocket money from parents; attempting to better utilize returns from business, and so on.

Welcome to adulthood, mate!

So, how do you save (so that you can make it big) money without succumbing to these challenges in life?

Well, for starters here’s some guidance on how you can manage furnishing your place without eating into your savings:

Go Only for the Basics

Minimalism here is the key. You cannot be hogging on things and wishing to save some pretty cash at the same time. No. Life does not work that way.

Chalk out the most basic furniture needs you have (a little hint – bed, table, chairs and wardrobe). If you are a University student or a young professional living along in a city with only enough money to make a living out of, these pieces will do for you.

Don’t roll your eyes now. You get to save money, don’t you?

Practice Some DIY

Now, if you are someone with inkling for things prim and proper, and won’t manage with anything less, you will have to hack through the money-struggle. The popular DIY or Do It Yourself trend can actually be of great help to you in this respect. If you have a knack for carpentry, that’s even better.

For help, you could refer to DIY – furniture hack videos on the internet (YouTube) or get a catalogue may be (whichever works best for you). You will come across a load of ideas on how to make the best out of waste, using things like old rugs, vehicle tires, candlesticks and whatnot.

Give it a weekend or two of hard work and dedication, and you could get yourself some cool-looking and totally cost-friendly (or may be free of cost) furniture items.

Put Furniture Items to Multiple Uses

However, if craft and creativity were never your forte, this is what you can do. Be smart about what you have. That’s right. It’s time you focus on drawing the best use out of the few things you possess.

Cannot think of any way that can be achieved? How about using that four-seater wooden dining table you got as your ironing table from time to time?! Just be careful when going about it though. Now, place a cushion on the chair, and your dining set could also be your part-time working spot on weekends.

You already must be aware of the sofa-cum- bed. Beside these, if you have a tiered table or a high-rise sofa, you could use their bottom portions as storage units for books, magazines, clothes, files etc.

Don’t Buy, Just Rent

If none of the above seems to work for you, this one marvelous solution definitely will.

An innate sense of practicality planted the roots for businesses that offer furniture on rent in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon and other cities where the young, struggling crowd dwells.

It is because of them that instead of shelling out thousands of rupees on purchasing furniture items, you can just rent branded, high-quality pieces for a few hundred rupees. The best part here is that you do not have to move around with them when you change apartments. You can simply cancel your subscription and then restart it, when in the new place.

For all the money that you would only get you a table if you bought it, you can now afford the entire dining set and more.

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