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Got a DSLR Camera on Rent? Here’s Your Beginners Guide to Using It - Rentickle

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When you are passionate about photography and love clicking pictures with your smartphone, a DSLR camera is the next logical step. However, every time you check the DSLR prices on online websites, the thought of this hefty investment makes you rethink your decision every time! While a DSLR camera can produce great shots; but the real question is – do you actually need to buy one?

Buying a DSLR takes substantial investment, and it requires good maintenance as well. But instead of spending a hefty amount, what if you could get a DSLR camera on rent? Yes, it is actually a reality now. Getting one on rent saves you from burning a hole in your pocket and also lets you enjoy clicking great pictures!

A DSLR camera can be a little intimidating to use when you look at it for the first time – the buttons, the dials, and let’s not forget the lenses; there’s actually a lot of technicality to understand. To help you get started, here’s your guide to using a DSLR for clicking the best shots: -

  • Start With The Manual

    Learn the theory part before you head for the practical. Your DSLR comes with a manual for using it, read it thoroughly to understand how to use the camera, the buttons and their functions.
    And if you ever dare to commit the sin of using Auto mode, this is how the DSLR will react: -

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  • Practice

    The more you use it the better you’ll understand what. Shoot as many random pictures as you can to understand the functions better, be it the focus, exposure or HDR. And when you have a digital camera you won’t have to worry about running out of film, so there’s plenty of room to explore and try new things.

  • Understand The Shooting Modes

    Once you’ve become familiar with your camera, you now need to understand about the shooting modes. These shooting modes will most likely be found on a dial beside the display screen of the camera. The dial will be labeled with ‘Auto (for the love God, avoid this!), Av, Tv, P, M’, etc. Read about the shooting modes and select the right shooting mode to get the best clicks.

  • Learn the ‘Exposure Triangle’

    The ‘Exposure Triangle’ includes aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Aperture and shutter speed control the amount of light entering the camera, and ISO controls the amount of light required by the camera for a given exposure. The Exposure Triangle is to get all three elements in harmony to get the results you want.

  • Better Focus

    Better focus can help you click a better picture. How? When you click a picture with DSLR camera, press the shutter button half way to ‘prefocus’ before clicking to get better clicks.
    These tips should be good to get you started with it. Get a DSLR camera on rent and start clicking as much as you can to become a pro. Practice may not make you perfect in this case, but it’ll certainly make you better at it!

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