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Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you the most … ( Don’t tell mom)

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Since childhood days, Dads really are our best friends. They our first hero; they are the ones who help us in understanding the lessons of life as we grow. They do everything for us, put in all the efforts to provide us a good future without any expectations or maybe little expectations like listening to their best dad jokes in return? These jokes might look like bad puns but I’m pretty sure you have at least giggled once if not had a full blown laugh over them; dads and their dad jokes are inseparable and this is why we adore them.

But that’s not the only reason, dads have a significant impact on our lives, we share numerous of good moments and we are blessed to have them.

They were the ones who taught us how to ride a cycle as a kid, they were the ones who took us to all the toy stores whenever we were sad just to see us laugh, They got our favorite dishes every day and would let us sneak out with them at night to have an ice cream but sshhh remember how we couldn’t tell mom or she would get mad? The good old days!

They stayed hungry but never allowed us to go to sleep without having a proper meal; they provided the roof over our head despite their hardships. They took us to gaming arcade even when it was month’s end with low budget; for them our happiness always mattered more than the money!

They were and are the ones who do everything for us being completely selfless, without any expectations; and nothing that we do will ever be enough to pay back what they did for us but we should never stop making them feel special, it’s a small gesture that will have the biggest impact.

So this Father’s day let’s do something special for our best friends. Let’s show them how much we love & cherish them and their efforts to keep us safe and provide us with everything we would ever need.

For this present that we have now that they always dreamed for us and for the future that has yet to come, let’s make them feel proud of us.

It’s time to give them a well-deserved break from their responsibilities and treat them special on father’s day, even though they deserve to be celebrated every day.

It could be their favorite lunch or you can go see a movie with them, or if your dad loves adventure go to an amusement park, you could even do an enactment of a popular incident from your childhood with your siblings to make him remember all the memories and show how much you value all the memories that you have shared with him growing up.

But gifting is not just about materialistic things, at the end it’s all about making him feel special and there are plenty of ways to do that.

Gifting is not the only option out there, the right way to have a great bond with your dad is to care for them and give them what they really need.

If in case you still feel lost with your options, we at Rentickle have the perfect solution for you guys that will easily fit in your budget …

You can get him the Egg swing chair from our patio furniture collection which is perfect for his lawn time or just when he feels like reading a book, this perfect swing chair is comfortable and fun at the same time.

If that doesn’t fit with your perfect idea for him then get him an air cooler in these scorching summers; for his room or maybe for his study area? Whatever suits him but it’s the thought from your side that counts.

Pick from our range of air coolers that define elegance along with a powerful motor for effective cooling and even distribution of cool air.

Or, for more of a fun time you can actually go back to your childhood days and challenge your dad to play video games with you, nothing would be a better bonding time with your dad than this!

Get these vibrant bean bags that provide the utmost comfort, which you eventually will need in the video game battle with your dad!

If your dad is a no fuss person and loves to enjoy life in a calm way, we believe you should get him one of the air purifiers from our collection that will make the environment more healthier and it comes with an ionizer that refreshes the air and eliminates foul smells.

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