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Here’s why you should rent furniture in Bangalore as a newbie!

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So, you have recently moved to Bangalore and are figuring out your way on how to adjust through the hustle bustle in a completely different city. This could be your first time moving in a new city or maybe you are just used to shifting to new places from time to time, nonetheless, you still need to save on your budget and you can totally do that when you rent furniture in Bangalore and even appliances.

Bangalore is a city that rains most of the time and when it rains the environment gets cool but it also gets humid afterward, so why not get cooler on rent in Bangalore instead of investing your earnings right away in a costly appliance?

When you move to a new city to set up your new apartment or stay in a PG maybe, you won’t even have to invest a hefty amount of money in buying furniture, you can simply get a bed on rent in and other basic furniture that are essential to live by, but why just pick only essentials when you can simply change your rented furniture from time to time and get all the new trendy items on monthly tenure basis.


Now as Indians we are taught to believe that owning things means to be taking pride in your investment, whether it’s a car, a house or even as small as a center table of your living room.

If you own it, you flaunt it like you mean it. But the new generation is way ahead of that notion.

We work differently and things work differently for us altogether. We believe in investing smartly rather than just showing off our assets. And, as millennials, we would rather save up money to experience let’s say maybe a concert or a trip over a weekend rather than putting all that money on the furniture of our house.

Having said that, it does not mean we can’t live the lavish life, as we moved forward, the industry moved with us. And one particular industry that has been a boon for our generation is the Rental Industry.

We all have grown in the sharing economy, from our everyday uber to our local stays, we share things and we don’t mind because we understand the bigger picture and the overall convenience of embracing the sharing economy. So when you move, why not get cooler on rent in Bangalore or maybe get a bed on rent in Bangalore, it works right?


If you are still looking for answers, let me break it down for you:


The overall flexibility to have your furniture delivered right at your doorstep is something that most of us would prefer, getting your bed on rent in Bangalore couldn’t get easier whether you like traditional styles or modern, the factor that there is no looking around at local vendors for a good deal on your furniture is an unknown bliss, rejoice introverts!



Rental Industry lives because it lets its user survive on luxury items at bare minimum prices, it’s super affordable and plays a really big role in saving up your budget at the end of each month when as compared to investing your hard earned money right away in a big furniture or appliance purchase.



One must think, it’s just a bed, what more can you expect but NO! expect more, always!

With new trendy designs coming up in the market every now and then, why would you want to stick to your plain old boring furniture? Switch it up however you like, whenever you like!



Now imagine this scenario that you move to Bangalore and you only have to stay for 6 months and after that, you’ll shift to a new place. Now in this situation, will you go out in the market to buy furniture or appliances for those 6 months? You can totally do that but would be the right choice? Why not rent furniture in Bangalore instead and save more in those 6 months because the rental industry provides flexible tenure starting from just 1 month, isn’t that a great deal After All?


Additional Benefits

Now most of the rental companies provide some amazing deals on their products, starting from extra discounts that include one-month free usage to benefits like Free Delivery, Free Maintenance, Easy Returns and Free Relocations which is a must for many of us who are always on the move. So next time you rent a bed in Bangalore or maybe rent a cooler in Bangalore. Keep in mind to check for all these benefits!


At Rentickle , get everything from the luxurious furniture to efficient appliances on rent, which also comes along with additional benefits like Free Maintenance, Free Delivery, Easy Returns, and Free Relocation.

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