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5 Home Appliance Cleaning Hacks that Actually Work

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Whether you are setting up a new place or revamping your haven, appliances account for a major chunk of your expenditure. If buying appliances is pulling on your purse-strings, why not rent it? You now have the option and convenience to rent appliances in Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, or where you live, and make your home complete.

Renting makes for a great option as you can get your appliances all set up, and then make full use of them in your new home. After all, you’ve earned it.

Unfortunately, in our unremitting quest to find some time to relax, pour a glass of wine and read a good book, we’re run down by our never-ending daily chores. That makes us wonder - Is life full of work and no fun?!

If household chores are making you clutch at the straws, consider getting some help, or alternatively, save some money by using certain home appliance hacks.

Here are some useful hacks for your home appliances: -

Clean the Blender

Warm some water, put it in the blender jar, and then pours in a drop of dish soap. Turn it on and run it for a minute. Rinse the blender jar with water, and voila!

Remove Greasy Stains

To clean the grease stains from the hob or other surfaces in the kitchen mix four parts rubbing alcohol with one part salt. Rub the stain with this mixture and let the surface dry. Clean it with a clean cloth later.

Shining the Microwave

Microwaves can get messy. Thankfully, making them look brand new again isn’t that much of a task. Take equal amounts of water and vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl and put a small wooden object, to prevent boiling. Put inside the microwave and switch it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Open the microwave door after a few minutes, and then wipe down the inside of the microwave using a clean cloth or sponge.

Clean the Refrigerator

Spills in refrigerator are a common thing. Arm up the fridge shelves with sticky cling wrap, so that in case a spill happens you can just change the wrap to make it all good again.

Bye-Bye Kitchen Gunk

Make a solution of vegetable oil and baking soda, and scrub the gunky areas with a brush. Wipe off and you’re done!

If life gives you lemons, why not get some tequila and salt to go with it?! If finances are stopping you from making you home a complete place, rent appliances in Hyderabad, or the city that is your home, and make your living worth it!

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