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How much furniture is 'too much furniture'?

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It all boils down to one thing; the beauty of a room depends upon the way it is arranged! Decorating a room doesn't only mean buying the most fascinating furniture pieces, but the most important part is where you put all the stuff you buy.

If you have been wondering that how to get your place decked up without making it look overcrowded, then the first thing you should do is plan your place visually. Visual planning considering the space of your room is actually a great step towards decorating it well.

Now that we know that planning is important, we can go ahead with the same. When you plan and buy furniture or rent furniture online for your house you can come across two things- you can either find your room overcrowded or find it empty.

Here's what you can do to deal with these two concerns -


Problem - An overcrowded room

You love to shop furniture, great news! But that doesn't mean you have to make way to walk across the room. A well decorated room gives you space to breathe, but an overly decorated room can choke you (well not exactly).

What to do - It is simple; you have got to cut the clutter. Now you need to look for the statement pieces, the one you love and the one your room needs. It's always better to have a few best furniture pieces, than having a room bursting with furniture. Do away with the old pieces of furniture; even your room needs an overhaul once in a while.

There’s a lot available online, look for home décor ideas that make your home look fresh and exciting. And always remember positioning is critical.

Problem - A room with not enough furniture

What to do- A scantily decked up room can look creepy! Just like 'too much of anything is bad' 'too less of anything can also be bad'.

Try going for some large furniture pieces that can be the focal point of the room. If the room still looks a little barren, you can add some décor to it, like a rug or a shelf along the wall or a room divider.

Now how can you make sure that your room has the furniture it needs?

An empty room can be as challenging as a blank canvas. Make sure you know the basics to start with. Here are a few things you can stick to, to cope with the furniture challenge-

• Functionality

First things first, you should consider how many people will use the room. Depending upon the same you can go on to bring in furniture for it, or you can also save a lot of money and rent furniture online.


• Find the focus

Finding the focal point of the room hold the key to decorating it! Focal point can be anything that first catches the eye when you enter the room. It can be the television, outside view, fireplace or anything else. That doesn’t mean that every piece of furniture should face the focal point, just ensure that the focal point is not blocked.


• Keep a check on the size

Furniture that is of the right size can work wonders for a room. Measure the space available to know what your room needs.


• Priority

When you buy or rent furniture online, place the largest pieces first, such as the sofa in the living room or the bed in the bedroom. And try to keep a little space between the furniture and the wall.


• Variety

Experiment with furniture pieces of different sizes. Just avoid putting two tall ones next to one another.

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