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How to Pick the Right Refrigerator for Your Home?

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Whether you’ve just shifted to a new place or your refrigerator has become too old to meet your needs, you need to either buy or rent a refrigerator. When you shift to a new place, it is quite obvious that you might already have spent enough on house shifting, buying or renting a new place, etc. That’s the reason why it sounds a much better option to rent a refrigerator than buying it.

Refrigerators have undergone many innovations with time, and the refrigerators of today have a surprising amount of variation in terms of efficiency, capacity, design and style. That is exactly why selecting the right refrigerator to fit your lifestyle is a huge task.

To make it less arduous, here’s a list of things that you need to ensure while selecting a refrigerator for your home -

Know what you need

Be it buying or renting, both start with understanding your needs. The first step to selecting a refrigerator is to know what you need it for. There are different types of refrigerator models, like French-door, bottom-freezer, top-freezer, and side-by-side models, each providing different benefits. Choose a refrigerator depending on your food-buying habits. For instance, if you purchase more frozen foods than fresh ones, you’ll need more freezer space, whereas if you buy fresh foods more, you'll want more storage space and easy access to them.

The Size Matters

If you don’t want your refrigerator to look out-of-place, then buy or rent a refrigerator only after you have measured the space available in your house for keeping the refrigerator. A refrigerator also requires a few inches of free space around it so that it can operate efficiently and its doors can open properly, so do keep that in mind.

Be light on your wallet

Buy a refrigerator that fits within your budget. However, when it comes to choosing between budget and energy efficiency, always go with the latter one. If you are low on budget, renting a refrigerator makes all the sense in the world.

Which finally brings us to..

A lot of research goes into making appliances more advanced and energy-efficient. A refrigerator normally accounts for up to 14% of a home's total energy consumption. So before you buy, ensure to read its energy labels carefully. Energy Star labels can be found on all appliances, which details about the electricity that it will consume.

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