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Laundry Hacks to make your life easier!

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We all hate ruining our favorite dresses and tops over stains that visit uninvited but ever wondered how washing machine rental right in your budget and some trips and tricks for your laundry days can solve your dilemma and help in order to reverse the adverse effect of such incidents? Read on...

Well that’s why I have curated simple and unique easy to follow 7 hacks that can completely transform your laundry game in the long run and make your wardrobe look as good as brand new whether you get a washing machine on rent or already own one.


Raid your kitchen! :

Dryer sheets are something that not most of us are used to especially in the Indian culture but it’s catching momentum and it could suck big time when you run out on the stock.

But hold up there has to be an alternative, right? Well Yes! There is!

Aluminium Foil!

Aluminium foils can help keep your dryer stay static free. On the plus side, you can re-use it for about a month. How efficient!

Raid your kitchen and find the perfect roll of aluminum sheets and place it instead of the dryer sheets when you run out and bingo! There you have it - the easiest laundry hack!


Keep the mess out of the way!

Mount soap dispensers and store the dishwashing detergent in said utilities to keep the whole laundry process easy and reachable while being completely practical and not to mention how fast the laundry will be done with this method since everything will already be sorted and ready to go on with!


Organize the Mesh!

Get yourself a mesh bag exclusively for your socks and hang it over your laundry hamper. Now no more single socks and mismatched pairs!

Mesh bags can help keep the socks intact and clean without any worries.

When it’s time to do the laundry, just throw in the entire bag and take out the mesh once done without having to look for any missing pairs.


Towel to the rescue!

A dry towel is the ultimate hack that you need in your life when you are running out of time and need to speed up the waiting time when it comes to drying clothes.

Just throw in a dry towel along the cycle of wet clothes for approximately around 15-20 minutes to absorb all the moisture from other items.

If you have a washing machine then you already know what to do but if not then get a washing machine on rent with automatic drying setting to help you out in quicker wash cycles.


The most efficient duo - Lemon and Baking Soda!

The stubborn stains can really be a bummer when it comes to putting the perfect outfit together that is exactly when this tried and tested method of quickly removing stains could help you out at last minute.

Apply a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda on the stains and let it sit for an hour or so and then wash it off as you normally would and Ta-Da! You have your favorite outfit back in the game!


Add Salt to the mix!

In order to freshen up your clothes and retain their liveliness, add half a cup of white vinegar and approximately two spoons of salt in your rinsing cycles and voila your dyes will never fade and will be as good as brand new.

It works the best when you use this method around 30 to 40 minutes prior to washing while you soak up the clothes in the mixture.


Take the stain away!

Take a slice of white bread, cut the middle portion and blob it on the area where the persistent stain is, try and blotch the stain and remove as you dab on it with the bread and bingo! No more pesky stains!

Who could have thought that a bread could be as efficient as removing a stubborn stain and while at it will also make the cloth appear more brighter and whiter! Amazing hack indeed!


Washing Machine - The Essential!

To keep your favorite clothes as good as the day you bought them, you need to pay extra attention to how you do your laundry!

The type of washing machine is about as important as the detergent you pick for your precious clothes.

That’s why you need to know what makes the cut on your list for your needs.

All these hacks are worth trying only if you either own a good washing machine or get one washing machine on rent, the latter being the better option since nowadays you get additional benefits like Free Delivery, Free Maintenance ( Amazing, isn’t it?), Easy Returns and Free Relocation.

So no more procrastinating, wash away those laundry blues, the right way!

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