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Making the best of a small room

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Just because you live in a small room, does not mean that you cannot maximize its usage. These days, most homes and apartments are built with modern space conserving designs, which naturally means small rooms. Even if you do have a rather smaller space, you don’t have to live cramped. There are a number of little tips and tricks that can help you create the'illusion'and 'function' of more space.


The Wall Color

The most obvious solution for small spaces, in order to make the room appear spacious, is to use lighter hues on the walls. Even though you might feel that darker colors are more design-friendly, they can make a room appear smaller than it is; while the paler colors like cream, pale grays, light blues, and of course, whites, can make a room look light and airy.

Furniture Placement

Most people believe that if you push all the furniture to the edge of the room, it will make the room appear bigger. Unfortunately, it is not so. The secret is to leave some breathing space around the furniture, which lends the appearance of space. If you are thinking about getting furniture on rent, then this might be a good time to reevaluate your needs and make the necessary changes.

Multi-function furniture

If you belong to the neo middle class (pardon the political angle) and understand the fact that it doesn't make sense to build things for temporary abodes, one of the best ideas for saving some actual space is to get furniture on rent that serves multiple functions. An ottoman with built-in storage or even a simple bed with settee storage can help you a lot.


Another old trick from the book is to use mirrors. Hanging mirrors is one of the quickest ways in which you can make a small room look bigger. The best part of this idea is that you can let your creativity run wild and turn the simple hanging of a mirror into a statement decoration for your room.

Windows and Natural Light

A simple tip to remember when you want to make your room appear light is to let in some light! Don’t block your windows with heavy curtains as the light that filters into the room tricks your eyes in believing that the room has depth. But if privacy creates an issue and you simply must cover your windows, try sheer white drapes that keep out any prying eyes and also make the room more airy.


The bright white walls open up a room, while a darker ceiling creates depth. A good suitable contrasting color on the roof can act as an attention grabber, drawing your eyes up, and creating the illusion of height (depth for the room).

Less is more

Even if you are the most organized person ever, keeping too many things in a small space, no matter how neatly, still looks cluttered. Limit the number of accessories and items that you want to display in the room. It will help remove the cramped feeling.

After all is said and done, it's not really about the amount of space that you have been handed. It is about how you utilize that space that can make all the difference.

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