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Redefine Your Vogue with Egg Swing Chair on Rent

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Tired of same old aesthetics of your house? Try re-vamping your surroundings furniture on rent at really affordable price. Pandemic has drastically changed everything whether it’s household work, working in office or recreational activities making people shift from their traditional mode of working to the new digitized version. Whether it is work-from-home or socializing we all have been pushed to be confined within the four walls.


Although some of us may find the house-comfort thriving, most of us face various issues, be it mental, physical or emotional. This new shift has definitely created some frills within our balanced and calm lives. We understand the common issues people encounter while they dwell into achieving their daily goals. And therefore, we provide economically feasible rent furniture and home appliances to set your ambience accordingly in six of Indian cities- Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Noida and Pune.

Either you want comfort or more focused setup for the work, Rentickle is your one- stop shop for everything. You want an egg-swing chair on rent, office chairs on rent, Car, TV, Laptops, Study Tables etc, here’s how you can rent your desired furniture in 3 easy steps -
1. Get in touch with Rentickle
2. Verify your documents
3. Get your products delivered to your doorstep.


5 reasons why you should rent furniture from Rentickle!:

1.Costs less and affordable (Economical)
2.Wide variety of quality products
3.Free Low- Low- cost Maintenance
4.Free doorstep delivery
5.Fast Service

We all have this one comfy corner of our houses where we sit back and let all the stress and worries go and drown ourselves with peace with our favorite book, cup of coffee or tea.

Benefits of taking a short break during your work

1. Crucial for physical and emotional health
2. Reduce the chances of heart disease, depression, obesity etc.
3. Helps memories form more readily
4. Increase efficiency/Productive

Imagine working from home for 8 to10 hours a day and not finding your corner of relaxation. Bummer Right! By taking the Egg-Swing chair on rent you can easily create your favorite break-arena at an affordable price. Reconnect with your soul and body in these beautifully-carved comfortable hanging chairs available in variety of colors.


Want to re-furnish the room for your children? You must add this egg-swing in your cart as it attracts and engages children more than adults. It’s ideal for so many things – it'll be their little hanging fort where they can read a book or listen to music. An egg-swing is just the perfect cozy spot your family would need to relax, daydream and create. These chairs are so stylish that they'll add that perfect cherry-on-top to your house aesthetics and look equally beautiful in any nook or corner.

Well the deal does not end here! WE HAVE MORE!

We offer many other luxurious furniture on rent that will flourish your home at your nearest locations. Love a home that’s stylish, functional and doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet? Let us help you creating your dream house.

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