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Rent and Redecorate this festive season

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Re-doing the house interiors can be a tedious task, however, by just adding a few home decor elements, one can change the entire look of the house.

The festive season sets us on a mission of changing the look of our house. But what often comes to our mind is, how to re-decorate our home spaces within our budget? So why not explore the option of furniture rental, which also gives the option to play around with accessories, beautify the wall and give a natural touch by adding flowers to our living spaces.

The First step on how to make your house festive ready, is to make a list and set your objectives. Then discuss with your family and involve them, make it a fun activity for your children as well to re-decorate your space. Plan the changes while considering the following points:



List down your budget and the main things to be changed and re-decorated as per your requirements. Then plan the budget as per the importance of the listed requirements and how you can bring freshness to your space within the budget you have.



The festive season gives you a reason to get rid of your old furniture and try out some new and trendy designs. However, buying furniture may not be the best option to go for as it adds on to the expenses. With furniture rentals going down, renting becomes a more viable option to try out. With renting you can easily return your furniture and get new furniture on rent as per your requirements.


Beautify your wall

One can use a dark tone on the wall of the room or use wallpapers and decals so that the attention is drawn towards that wall. You can beautify your walls by putting up paintings, artifacts, mirrors and can play along by using lights to change the entire look of the room.



While the wall and the furniture on rent can change the entire look of your house, don't forget to add the festive accessories like scented candles, diyas, rugs or carpets, flower vases etc.


Natural ingredients

Once the whole house has been decorated, it’s time to add some colors to the house, by keeping money plant in a decorated bottle or bamboo stalks on one side and making a rangoli at the entrance of the house.


Lighten up

The month of spreading light is coming so we should be ready with our diyas and candles. You can also take table lamps on rent, floor lamps on rent and even tripod lamps on rent to lighten up your space with an easy return policy.


To sum up, this festive season, you can rent furniture, use accessories, dress up your walls, use colors, lighten up your space, and give a new look to your house, by redecorating, in a set budget. Rentickle can help you give a new look to your house within your budget by providing you a wide range of home furnishing options to choose from.

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