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Rentickle’s Pick: Top 5 furniture rental items in Hyderabad for your home décor needs!

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When the choice is given to buy or to rent furniture in Hyderabad, what would you pick to decorate your Charminar a.k.a your home sweet home?

Now as we all know, and as we all have seen from the past years, our culture prefers opting for the prior option as compared to the latter because we have been taught over and over again how efficient it is to own things and are despised on hearing the term “rent” followed by the question of what is even the worth of the products that you borrow or rent, as the case is here.

But this mentality has significantly changed over the last 5 years and we have evolved ourselves in a shared economy as the things started to change. We moved cities, settled into rented homes to save on our monthly budget and opted for carpools instead of own vehicles to save on the daily budget which led a way to settle into the rental industry.


Now when it comes to decorating your own living space, whether bought or a rented home that you live in, it belongs to YOU and you certainly would feel the desire to fancy it up and set it according to your style and taste.

Well if it’s your own home you can certainly buy products however if you only want to try a certain piece of furniture or décor, you can rent it out for a month or two and see how it fits with your whole idea of styling and then go ahead and purchase it.

But, the ones who live in rented homes most of the time refrain themselves from getting items for their living space due to the fact that many of them are always on the move and the stays in such rented homes are short-lived, so no matter how badly you want to add good home décor in your space, the thought of buying and then carrying it along to a new place is a nightmare for the most, especially the minimalist lifestyle loving millennial.


So today we decided to pick the city – Hyderabad for its rich culture and fancy lifestyle, because if you are moving to different cities then why not give a try to decorating your living space just like the city you are moving to, the options are truly endless.

And in this time and age, it’s possible without spending a fortune on your items because all the furniture rental especially to rent furniture in Hyderabad is extremely affordable and thus is considered the most budget friendly efficient option.

Here’s what Rentickle suggests from the collection:


Turquoise Molfino 3 Seater

This one right here is like color therapy for your dull and boring living room, you can definitely pick from the numerous options of sofa sets available on Rentickle according to your taste but if you are looking to liven up your space, you need this beautiful turquoise molfino seater sofa which is not only calming to the eyes but also adds the much-needed color required to fancy up the room, just enough to get people talking!



Imagine a long productive day at work and then coming home to this classic beauty sitting right in your room. You take one glance, lay back on it and leave all your tiredness and worries as one by one each and every muscle in your body relaxes in the comfortable arms of this Recliner , now how can one even say no to this essential piece in their home which is not only for décor but also for the ultimate relaxing experience.


Bean Bag Orange

The pop of color that will boost the energy in your living space and can work with so many spare areas in your home, you literally can throw a bean bag in any corner of the room and in a bright color palette it will just bring more life to that corner, perfect for your TV room or gaming area or maybe the perfect addition to your guest seating area.


Center Table Walnut Beta

Perfect element to bring out the classiness of your living room or even a seating area, the finish of walnut in this Center Table will compliment literally any setting in your home and goes well with both sofa sets or patio furniture, At Rentickle, you can pick from multiple variants and opt for the furniture rentals that suit your taste.


Egg Swing Black

For the days when you just feel like disconnecting with the world and grab a book to read and just want to be by yourself, this egg swing is what you need to decorate your favorite spot, it could either be your balcony or a corner of your bedroom, the egg swing would work with any setting whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

At Rentickle , get everything from the luxurious furniture to efficient appliances on rent, which also comes along with additional benefits like Free Maintenance, Free Delivery, Easy Returns, and Free Relocation.

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