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SHARE THE LOVE - Happy Valentine’s Day!

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This Valentine’s Day, share a little love with your closed ones.


I feel it’s quite unfair how people make Valentine’s Day to be a celebration exclusive only to couples. Who even came up with the idea that it is limited to just two significant others?

What about the people who we are close to and have grown up with?

Or the ones who we weave the path to grow upon?

We get so caught up with all the specific days made for a week prior to Valentine’s when it is communicated in a way that it only comes up as romantic to all of us.

But I think it’s high time we should change that perspective and make Valentine’s Day more than just something that only couples get to enjoy.

Look around you, look for the people closest to you - Your mom, Your dad, Your grandparents, Your significant other, Your kids, Your siblings, Your friends - just about anyone who brings happiness in your life deserves to experience the same from you.

Although it’s sweet to give gifts like flowers and chocolates to prove your love and show appreciation for the people around you but what will happen when the flowers are dried out and the chocolates are all eaten up - the thought would remain but the gift won’t.

So, why not give them a gift that would not only last but also be useful and beneficial in the long run in their life!

That’s why here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas curated exclusively not just for your partner but for about anyone and everyone in your fam - So Get Going!


Give your mother the gift of ease

Make your mother’s life easy, and let her relax from cooking chores by gifting the perfect microwave to help her along in making those delicious dishes.


Give your father the gift of comfort

You know how hard your father works and for all that he deserves his own me-time as well, gift him the most comfortable chair to accompany him in all of his screen time.


Give your significant other the gift of time

With this perfect patio seating, spend some time with your partner and spark on those conversations over a cup of coffee.


Give your kids the gift of joy

Gift your kids the chance to explore and live through their passion and interests, with 4 different themes to pick from there won’t be a single dull day for them.

Use #ShareTheLove and post about the special stories of gifting your closed ones this Valentine’s Day!


Team Rentickle wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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