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Still wondering if you should rent a bed? Here’s your answer!

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We are blessed to be in an era where there are numerous options to save our economy and many of the ones that are already on the list are contributing to this cause by doing their bit when they rent a bed or get a mattress on rent or maybe a different kind of furniture or appliances on rent.

I guess by now you must have guessed what is this revolutionary movement that I’m talking about, isn’t it? Well if you haven’t already, I’m trying to shed light on the renting industry to show you as a consumer how important and efficient this service actually is if we pay attention to all the useful benefits that it comes along with.

Well for as long as we can remember, renting is not something new, it has always been a part of us over the past few years.

From sharing our Ubers to sharing or Spotify playlists and Netflix accounts, each and every sector has seen a similar kind of service if not the same.

Renting Furniture and appliances has become a fairly evolving service over the years due to its growing demand and practicality of the service for on-the-move millennials.

Now one would wonder, why would I rent a bed or get a mattress on rent when I can buy them in the first place? Well even if you have the budget to actually buy that stuff, do you have the freedom to switch it up whenever you want or just leave it behind when you are moving to a new place?

That’s exactly what we will discuss further in this blog, read on to find out how renting can actually make your life easy :


Endless designs to pick from!

Imagine a world where you could switch your bed or house decor or any appliance in your house every few months or so? Just imagine all the trendy items that you can flaunt and decorate your house with whenever a new change comes in the market.

Sounds too good to be true, eh? Well, guess what, it’s an actual reality now!

So when you buy a bed you are stuck with it till the time its value deteriorates to a point of no return but when you rent a bed you can actually get a lot of options to pick from the designs that are curated by the service provider and every few months when your tenure ends you can actually get a new bed or even a mattress on rent that suits your taste.


No going out of budget!

So you liked that bed you saw at your local IKEA and you even got a really good deal on it with an extra discount so you make the decision to finally buy it and bring it home.

But as soon as you buy it, its value goes down and now it becomes an investment that is stuck with you for a long time.

Now let’s consider, renting, most of the service providers that are available online have curated a range of furniture that is not only trendy but also comes right within the budget. When you rent a bed or get a mattress on rent from such providers, you not only get discounts which are quite common with most of them but you also get the best price for the value of the said item according to your tenure. Now isn’t that a mighty good deal?


Do it for yourself, Do it for the Earth!

We often talk about how nomads just live with a few important stuff that is required by them and not give in to the demands of society. But, as individuals or even with family, it’s quite impossible to live a minimalist lifestyle.

That is when renting helps in maintaining that balance and still stay right in the budget. Certain furniture uses resources which are not quite environmental friendly unless we recycle as well, that’s why renting industry not only help us but also our mother nature by minimizing our carbon footprint. So next time you are stuck in the dilemma of whether to rent a bed or not, consider the environment in your furniture choices and just think of how good of an impact will it have on preserving our nature.


For On-The-Move Millennials!

Whether it’s a job or an internship, once you are in your 20s you have to hustle your way up and to do that many of us move from place to place to find that one thing that truly sets our soul on fire with passion. So when it comes to millennials looking for opportunities, we are willing to change cities and relocate for the new chances.

When you are working for your dreams you don’t have the time to care about the extra baggage that your furniture will put on you, that’s the hassle with buying furniture so it’s always better to rent out when you have plans on moving for a short time.

At Rentickle , get everything from the luxurious furniture to efficient appliances on rent, which also comes along with additional benefits like Free Maintenance, Free Delivery, Easy Returns, and Free Relocation.


Spend On Experiences!

You could be working 9 to 5 or an entrepreneur starting out a business, putting in the hard work and saving up money to only end up spending on buying furniture and appliances is not what we call living life to the fullest now, do we?

So instead of investing your money on things that will eventually lose their value over time why not try renting out and save by a big margin in the long run!

Just imagine what all you can do when you actually opt for renting instead of buying, you could travel or maybe attend that long-awaited event in your city or maybe go binge-watching your favorite movie screenings, the options are endless! And, you will get to experience all of it once you start investing money in the right choice. Live your life now!

At Rentickle, get everything from the luxurious furniture to efficient appliances on rent, which also comes along with additional benefits like Free Maintenance, Free Delivery, Easy Returns, and Free Relocation.

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