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Furniture rentals as a market is that magic potion that can help our generation flourish in this economy. We have always been taught or a more apt term would be are brainwashed since childhood that there comes a certain pride in owning things in our life, whether it’s a house, car, or other prized possessions but no one ever really told us the drawbacks about this mindset. It’s true that there is a certain value when a person buys a particular thing whether it’s their first car or their first house, and we are definitely not telling the generation to not enjoy the feeling of owning first, but as we grow we have to realize certain things that our money should be invested in more valuable possessions and not just on things to brag about.

Keep on reading to find out how…( No Spoilers here) -

Let’s start with colors,

There’s this study that tells about the amount of stuff that you can fit in two backpacks which you can carry on a mountain is all that you need in your life to live peacefully, but when it comes to practicality...we aren’t going to live on mountains with just two backpacks right? but how can we incorporate the findings through that study into our daily lives?

The simple answer is to live on rent, owning means to have the right amount of money and spend it on a product or a service if a person is rich enough to do so then it’s justified but what about the families and millennials who are trying to maintain their daily budget and have just started earning recently and still have rich people lifestyle.

Renters have a greater liquidity over the people who own their stuff, for eg. You bought a table for 10k, the minute it’s yours it loses its value in the marketplace and is termed as second-hand. Whereas on the other hand, a renter who got the same table for say Rs. 200 per month has been successful in order to maintain their budget while still having the freedom to give it back to the vendor in the due time period.

In such cases, when the money spent on rent is less than the money spent on purchasing is what makes this a sweet deal, a person can now invest the same amount of money in more valuable things or save up for their retirement or future business projects.

Imagine you got your dream job in a different city, what will you do? Sell your home? Sell your furniture? Car? Every bulky thing? You can but is it ideal?

It’s not practical if you are moving for a short amount of time, so instead the best option is to rent and the rest will be taken care by the vendors. You just have to keep exploring until you find your spot.

We all know the perks of owning things but what about renting? What perks do we actually get from renting furniture and appliances?

Well to start off with, if the furniture that you got have some issues or the appliances on rent in your house are not working properly then you don’t have to take care of the maintenance of the said product, companies that tie with the vendors take care of everything from Delivering to the maintenance services! I guess it’s just nice to know that one will never need to cover repair costs when they rent furniture and appliances from these companies.

Then in addition to that, the biggest factor that comes into play while moving places or cities is the huge amount that one has to pay in order to shift the furniture or appliances owned by them.

This is why renting is all the rage these days, because nowadays companies also offer free relocation according to their policies. You just have to find the perfect choice for yourself!

When it comes to renting, the biggest perk is the amount of convenience that it brings along. You could literally be in your home ordering the kind of furniture that would go with your living room and within a week you will get your new furniture ready to revamp your house right at your doorstep.

There’s absolutely no need to go out and about and look for the best deals from the local vendors. Furniture rental companies online like Rentickle provide you with premium designs at affordable designs right in the convenience of your home.

Now the question is how is renting cost-effective? When you are just spending money every month on a product that will never be yours?


On the top it seems scary and almost a No-No when it comes to the proposal of renting things but if you do the math, you get a product at one fourth the cost at times of the actual price and the rental value decreases as the tenure period increases and when the designs and trendy furniture is considered, trends change every 6 months.

So how will you keep up with them? You can’t afford to buy a new sofa set every 6 month, that’s not going to help you with your budget and in this case your best choice is to rent furniture. There is no financial burden and you get to pick the new styles every few months according to your budget.


Renting furniture rather than -purchasing is also environment friendly, in fact anything that leads to less ownership in long terms benefits the mother nature whether it’s the car industry or the furniture and appliances industry. We have accepted the idea of shared economy very well in the recent years.

With the companies like Uber and Ola; we are more open to carpooling and using less of our cars in order to reduce the carbon footprints from earth, and renting works on the same principle as well. So when you opt for renting you are actually helping the mother nature!

When you put it points by points on how renting furniture and appliances can help the economy and our environment, there’s no way purchasing power could ever top it in the long run.

The only time purchasing a particular thing makes sense is when certain sentiments are involved or if in the future the said person is settling down to a new place and would like to finally own the stuff is when this factor should come into play otherwise for the modern economy and the people who have just started working, nothing could be a better option than renting and saving money for their future endeavours where it’s most needed!

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