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Thinking of Investing in a New Bed? Rent a bed. Don't buy.

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Whether you’re moving into a new place or planning to replace your bed where you are currently living, getting a bed on rent is always an option you should consider. The costs involved with buying a new bed are exorbitant, and in this day and age, it’s better to rent than buy.

Renting is not a new concept. It has always been around, and is getting popular each passing day. Renting furniture and other essential home appliances has become increasingly common, especially with millennial and young professionals who stay away from home.

You wouldn’t be able to run a marathon or hike up a mountain without proper gear. In the same way, you wouldn’t feel completely rested without a proper mattress to sleep. Whether it’s for two hours or twelve, the time we spend sleeping is precious. Learn why mattress rental is the smarter way to sleep better.


So Much Variety

Today, renting a bed is easier than ever. You can get online, search for furniture rentals and choose what you want. You can pick a bed that matches your unique style and aesthetic. While this sounds like a daunting task, some furniture rental companies make it easy by enabling you to sort items by color, style, pattern and more.

Imagine having the flexibility to change your style every few months? Getting a mattress on rent allows you the freedom to do just that.

When you buy a bed, you’re stuck with it. There’s no way you can update it without actually investing more money to get work done. However, renting a bed does away with all extra hassles, and you’re left with picking out a mattress that suits your preferences.


Renting is pocket-friendly

Buying a premium full-size mattress that meets your every need can create a huge dent in your savings. You'll have to lug that bulky bed around during move-ins and move-outs every time you shift.

Renting is cheaper, and saves you hours of labor and stress. Also, if you’re a college student, or a #foreveralone person, it might actually work in your favor if you get a single bed on rent which is way cheaper. This also works if you’re throwing a party or a sleepover and need a couple of extra beds or mattresses for your friends.


You Need a Bed. Urgently.

So, you’ve moved into a new place, and wait! There’s no bed! Buying a bed can be a cumbersome task as you need to make sure you have funds; the store has the bed you want… the hassles are ending.

Opting for a mattress rental takes away more than half your worries. Rental furniture could be sitting in your apartment in as little as 48 hours. That means you can focus on your job, your family — or getting everything ready for the big event, rather than worrying about the logistics of finding, buying, and setting up furniture.


There’s so much more to life than worrying about furniture and making sure you have enough money to buy a bed so that you don’t come home after a long tiring day and wonder where you’re going to sleep!

From the firmness of the mattress to the size and quality of the bed set, mattress rental stores give you complete freedom to choose exactly the kind of bed you need. Whether you want to rent a bed that lets you live life king (or queen) size, or get a single bed on rent, Rentickle offers you a stress-free and inexpensive way of owning the bed you want.

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