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3 Reasons why You Should Get an Oil-Filled Radiator on Rent

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As it gets colder, you need to figure out ways to keep yourself warm. It can get quite expensive trying to keep your electricity bills minimal, but opting for an oil filled radiator on rent can be a good option to beat the cold.

The concept of radiator heaters has a long history of keeping people warm. Over the years, this type of heater has slowly evolved into the low-maintenance, energy-efficient heaters that we know today.

Oil-filled radiators provide basic heating technology and features that make them ideal for single zone heating. And renting one makes perfect sense, especially if you’re going to use it only for a couple of months.

Investing in a radiator can get expensive and you might face storage issues when the appliance is not in use or if you have to shift homes. But when you choose to get an oil-filled radiator from an appliance rental provider, you end up saving a lot of time, money, and effort.

Here are 3 reasons why you should think of investing in oil filled radiator on rental service:


1. Lower Running Costs

Electricity bills can become a heavy burden on your pocket, and spending more money on trying to keep warm might seem futile.

Oil-filled radiators have two important features that can help you save money and electricity: Once the oil is warm, it can continue to push out heat for many hours, even if you have turned the power off! Therefore, you do not need to keep open it all the time.

And thanks to the timer function on most products, you can choose to power off the radiator whenever you like. Also, the cost of electricity during off-peak hours is much less than usual.


2. Less Maintenance Costs

Oil-filled radiator heaters require much less maintenance than many of their competitors. Controls are built into each unit, so you’re given the scope to create a tailored heating routine for each room, matching how it’s used on a daily basis.

Most appliance rental providers offer you a manufacturing warranty that promises to provide repairs at no additional costs in case of any manufacturing defects.


3. Try Before You Buy

Choosing to get appliances on rent is a great way to test them out before actually purchasing them. When you shift homes, you might need a radiator that will be big or small enough to warm your entire room. When you decide to opt for an appliance on rent, it gives you the freedom to explore various options and choose the one that suits you best. Buying a big appliance like an oil-filled radiator can be an expensive investment, and renting it provides you peace of mind, as you have the freedom of returning the item at any time if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Also, a radiator is something you might not need all-year round, and opting to rent one just for the cold months is quite a wise decision.


Also, opting for appliances on rent is a great way to test them out before actually purchasing them.

All in all, oil-filled radiators are an incredibly versatile and affordable source of supplemental heat. They are reliable, durable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient. Rentickle offers you multiple radiators options to choose from. Get in touch today, and let us help you decide which oil-filled radiator will be a perfect fit for your home.

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