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Tidy up Your Refrigerator with These Brilliant Hacks!

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A refrigerator is an appliance that no house can do without, and isn’t something you just go and buy in a jiffy. If you need to equip you kitchen with a fridge without spending a small fortune, you can simply rent a refrigerator, whether it is in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon or the exact city that you reside in.

As a refrigerator is probably among the most-used appliances in a house, it's no surprise to encounter a messy and cluttered fridge every now and then. If you’re tired of a disordered fridge which seems like a maze when you’re looking for something, then you need to do something about it.

Gazing into a clean and well-stocked fridge can make your day.

Check out these brilliant hacks to keep your fridge clean and organized all-year-round :

  • Store More with Baskets:

    Hit your local store for small plastic baskets that can easily slide inside your fridge and keep things in place. Stack similar items in one basket and if you have a bad memory, label the baskets according to its contents to make things easy.

  • Keep the Racks Clean With Mats:

    Use brightly colored plastic mats on the fridge racks, and make cleaning easy. If a spill happens, just remove the mat, clean it and put it back! Use mats that have a rough textured surface, so items will not slip off.

  • Buy a Fridge Turn Table:

    Often, condiments, sauces and bottles get lost in the back in the fridge. Using a turntable is another easy way to keep items in your fridge easily accessible and organized.

  • Remove Odors with Activated Carbon:

    Odors in your fridge are a definite no! Use activated carbon to get rid the bad smell in your fridge, and it actually works much better than baking soda. Keep activated carbon in a bowl or an open bottle at the back of the fridge rack to keep bad smells at bay.

  • Disinfect the Fridge:

    Spills are a common case in a fridge, but these sticky messes need to be cleaned up. When cleaning up any spills in your fridge, it's best to use cleaners that not only disinfect but are also food safe. If you want to avoid chemical cleaners, you can make a DIY cleaner at home. An easy DIY cleaner is a combination of abrasive salt and soda water. Whether you buy or rent a refrigerator in Noida or ‘that city that is NOT Noida’, make sure you use these tips to keep your refrigerator looking and working fine!

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