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Tips to choose the best bedroom furniture

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If you think that building a house or buying an apartment consumesa huge amount of money, then wait till you have received the bill for thefurniture you’ve bought. If you have a house, you have to have furniture piecesto place in it (duh!). Thesepieces not only fill up the house, but also add on to its elegance.

Often due to money concerns, limited products or other reasons, people end up with paltry pieces which do not go with the setting. Here are'the tips' to help you choose the right bedroom furniture so that you have a pretty looking house always:


The size of the bedroom

Before buying furniture for your bedroom, you must know the measurement of it. Knowing that shall help determine the right size of furniture. If you have a small bedroom, you could buy furniture that easily fits in there while still leaving out space to move about.

The style of the bedroom

It is again important that you decide on the style you want your bedroom to take, and that too well in advance. Once you have decided on it,whether classic or contemporary, you can then choose the furniture likewise.

The color scheme

Keeping the color of the bedroom in sync with that of your furniture is also essential. For instance, you could select a color of your liking or go for a soft and warm color, and then color coordinate the furniture as perthat.


Always settle for something sturdy and durable. For instance, fiber furniture pieces are fragile in comparison to the metal ones. As an alternate, wooden sets are both sturdy and durable.

Buying pieces that come off easily and have no guarantee against weather and dust is in all honesty, money down the drain.

Space alternatives

Some beds come with inbuilt boxes for you to store your luggage or other big essentials. Some also come with drawers for your books and files. If space is a problem with you, settling for such functional pieces could save you a good few bucks.


Since furniture does represent a significant expense, it is essential that you estimate, search and compare the price of various sets in the market. Besides visiting furniture showrooms, do compare furniture pieces online as well.


Once you have enlisted out your requirements, and researched and estimated what itwouldcost you, you can move ahead withfinalizing your budget. Apart from the expenses involved in buying furniture, it is ideal to keep some amount handy for labor to get the furniture delivered and placed within your home.

And what if you don't want to buy?

If you are someone for whom investing in furniture is not ideal for both financial and practical reasons, you can opt for furniture rentals available online at Rentickle. We have a wide range of furniture pieces ranging from sofas to bed on rent for as long you want. Pay a fraction of the amount to get a bed on rent, or for that matterany other item for as long as required; just make sure to keep renewing your subscription whenever needed.

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