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Tips to increase the efficiency of the air coolers

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It is a well-known fact that summers can get pretty harsh in India. This is why people do all sorts of preparation well-in advance, for instance installing air coolers for a comfortable time during summers. Gone is the time when people had to think twice before investing in such luxury because of the amount of money it would cost. With availability of air coolers for rent, every average Indian home is sure to have an air cooler installed. Air coolers for rent are not only a hassle-free solution,but also an expenditure and effort saving one.

So now that the winters are leaving, here are some tips on how you can improve and increase the efficiency of the air coolers at your homes:


Throw in some ice

Adding ice to the water in the tank can help gain more efficiency out of your coolers. There are coolers that come equipped with an ice compartment for that purpose. However, ice must only be added during high temperatures, as adding excess ice or doing so too often might slow down the evaporation process of the air coolers, and that’s certainly not what you want.

Let some air inside

As a matter of fact, air coolers unlike air conditioners work efficiently when you let the air in. Many people often confuse between the two or choose to go with shutting down all air inlets in the house for as a safer option. Keeping the windows open can make the air inside hotter, during summers. This in return will speed up the evaporation of water from the cooling pads thus improving cooling.

Take care of your coolers

Maintenance can add extra life to anything and same goes for your air cooler. Proper cleaning, repair and replacement are some services that you should provide your air cooler with on a regular basis. To begin with, clean the cooling pads, fan blades and water tank. Besides that, you can also saturate the cooling pads before use. Also, place the cooler at a spot from where it can provide cooling to everyone in the room.

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