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Top 3 weekend getaways near Pune!

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A city like Pune that consistently has beautiful weather deserves to be explored to its fullest. There are plenty of great options for lovely weekend getaways whether with your friends, family or significant other. Now a road trip on a weekend sounds good but what about the essential like Cars or Bikes that one would require? Well if you are smart then you will go for car rentalfor this trip because making your own car travels that far would be a lot of pressure and not everyone is blessed with perfectly fine working vehicles. Some of us have cars that are over 5-7 years and won’t be able to bear the distance of a good road trip. In such situations, car rental comes to the rescue for most, in the long run, saving a lot of trouble.

Here are the top 3 weekend getaways that you should go for:



Panchgani sits between five-hills and is one of the most visited places for nature lovers and that’s why is the best choice for a perfect weekend getaway, even better when you rent a car and go for a long drive in the city that is literally surrounded by 5 hills. It also has caves and is a great outdoor destination altogether.



The popular weekend vacation spot for most of your favorite influencers from Mumbai and Pune, but in general even for the local public since the place is covered with beautiful beaches and forts all around. It takes almost 4 hours or maybe a little less than that to reach by car from Pune to Alibaug, but no need to worry about the maintenance when you have done your car booking prior from a good rental provider.



From our list, Khandala is by far the most popular one out of the lot, it’s a nature lover’s paradise and is a favorite weekend getaway destination for people from both Mumbai and Pune, especially during monsoons driving through beautiful landmarks and stunning views of hills is a bliss and that’s why this one is our personal favorite too. Also when you rent a car from Rentickle, the whole hassle of maintenance after a long drive in monsoon rain is taken care of by us so start planning your trip right away!-


Renting furniture and appliances has been in the market for some while but cars through an online portal are fairly new, sure you can rent a car from your local dealer but the short-term tenure can be quite a hassle and the overall cost would be way more than what you can get with the service providers available online.

That’s why at Rentickle, you get to pick from the widest and the most exclusive range of cars that can be a perfect match for your personality or be spacious enough for a big family, just explore through the curated list of cars on rent that are available on the site and go for the one that fits your requirement and budget.

Along with Pune, you can rent a car from Rentickle in these 5 cities - Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Rent. Use. Return.

Keep it simple with Rentickle!

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