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Top 5 Bike Ride Destinations Near Bangalore!

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With its all-around beautiful weather, Bangalore is truly one of the places where you can go out and have a full blown fun weekend riding through these nearby destinations and making memories along the way, now most of these routes are perfect for a bike ride and don’t worry if you don’t own one because you can always count on bike rentals at the end of the day. Rent a bike as a hassle free option of going on a short weekend trip.

Here are 5 amazing bike ride destinations for your memorable trip when you rent a bike whether with friends or solo:



Known as the Scotland of Southern India, Coorg is the perfect choice for an impromptu road trip on your bike and if you don’t have a bike then even better because you can get a bike on rent and that too a one specific for a road trip and fits right in your budget. It is termed as the best tourist destination in India, just 280km away from Bangalore and takes about 5-6 hours to reach.


Biligiriranga Hills

Travelling through the roads covered with forest on the sides is truly a thrilling journey which takes about a four hour ride to reach Biligiriranga Hills, and is about 173 km away from Bangalore. In summer time you can find wildlife to be more active in the hills however it can get tiresome due to the heat, so it is better to plan the trip around colder months. A truly mesmerizing route, spread across and waiting for your enthralling bike riding trip, solo or with some friends.



The biggest French colony at one point, Pondicherry is known for its diverse coastline and beaches filled with palm trees and endless resorts. It is about 350 km away from Bangalore and takes about 6 to 7 hours to reach the destination, if you want your bike rental road trip to end in some great food and wine, then this is the place you should look at!



Skandagiri is a hill near chikballapur which is famously known for the phrase representing the place as “walking above the clouds”, it is also quite known for night trekking starting right at 2 am especially on a full moon night and one reaches the peak to witness the sunrise, now getting your bikes here could be a problem so one can even avoid trekking altogether and instead just enjoy their bike ride, the best time to visit Skandagiri is in November till late February which is around 70 km from Bangalore and takes about 1 and a half hours to reach.



Surrounded by tea plantations, around 300 km from Bangalore, Coonoor is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiris. It takes about 5-6 hours to reach this beautiful destination. What makes this place one of the best bike trip destinations near Bangalore is due to the fact that the weather here remains pleasant throughout the year, imagine riding your bike while the cool breeze hits your face, truly blissful!


Now at Rentickle , the bike on rent fits right in your budget and you get to pick from a wide range of premium styles curated especially for you. Whether it’s for a long road trip or going out on a date with your girl or maybe you and your friends are just out and about for an evening get together, you get to decide when to rent a bike and the one that you desire for each and every occasion at affordable bike rentals before making the big decision of finally investing your hard earned money in one.

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