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Unpacking: The Bane of Moving Apartments

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Now is the time to face your worst nightmares and to unpack your belongings. For instance, if you’ve moved to the beloved ‘National Capital’, you’d give anything to not have to start with the bulky furniture setting up. In that regard, you should seriously consider renting your furniture in Delhi; it’s a great time saver and also gives you the freedom to upgrade whenever. Anyway, we digress! About the unpacking; here are a few tips that can definitely help you a lot in organizing this ordeal.

The Crash Pad

The first thing that you should do while you’re full of energy and haven’t started the harrowing task of unpacking your belongings is to set up your sleeping area. If you rent furniture in Delhi, the bed should be there already and all you need to do is put on some fresh linen. After a long day of unpacking and organizing, you’ll be glad to have your bed ready to collapse into.

The Necessary Stuff

The next part you unpack should be the kitchen, and that is for two main reasons – one is that you’d need to eat sometime in the day, and it’s best to be prepared for it and the other that generally, kitchenware takes up a lot of boxes. Unpacking all of those and clearing the boxes feels like you’ve made great headway; a major confidence booster at this point.

The Bathroom and then Your Clothes

When you finish setting up the bathroom, you’d really start feeling at home. The next step should be to take out your clothes and hang them up in the wardrobe or closet.

Open All the Boxes

A lot of people tend to take out all they need and then leave a few unopened boxes and stuff them away into storage. It is actually best to go through all the boxes, for you might run into something you need or something you need to throw away.


Unpacking will take you across a lot of things that need to go into storage. Don’t just stuff them back into the boxes and forget them; your future self will thank you if you take care to reorganize the stuff that needs to be put away for now.

The Television

Whether you rent furniture in Delhi or you have your own, always wait to hook up your TV. You might be tempted to do that first so you could watch TV while you work, but really, it does not work. Wait till the end of the unpacking exercise to set up your TV.

As horrible as unpacking might sound to you, it is inescapable. Break the task into parts and have a strategy to go about it, trust us, you’ll be done with it even before you know it!

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