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Ways to Prep up Your Living Room for Your Guests

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Festivities are just round the corner,so quite naturally, you need to plan out ways you will be entertaining your guests this year. While you still have time to decide your special day menu, one thing that needs immediate taking care of, beforehand, is the space where you shall have them in.

A cluttered up or unprepared living room could spoil the entire fun of festivals. Hence the manner in which you prep up your living room space to welcome your guests must be on your priority list. It is not a one step process. You needpulling together some knick-knacks, like cleaning the area or getting area rugs, storage boxes or even extra bean bags on rent in New Delhi (if you live in the National Capital for instance), to make everything look perfect for the occasion. To help you better, mentioned below are a few things that can enliven your living space, giving it the fun, laid-back feel that your guests can relax in -

  • Clean-up/Declutter

    There is a lot that your living space can tell about you. Welcoming your guests in an unclean space is not only awry to the rules of hospitality but also harmful for your reputation. Further, a clean and organized area not only helps leave a good impression but also makes the space appear roomier, fresher and warmer. Do not forget to clean the corners, change sofa covers and curtains, and vacuum the furniture when you take up the cleaning regime.

  • Mood lighting

    When it comes to lighting, even a little bit of creativity can help achieve a lot. The right lighting for your living room will bring more drama (trust us on this – on occasions, it is much needed) to the whole space, and give it the necessary festive jazz. Remember to avoid both the extremes i.e.relatively dim orextravagantly bright lights. Why? Because they can be more annoying than magical. You can settle for something moderate that accentuates the feel in the place. Try out different sizes of lamps, modern hanging lights and also candles for that purpose.

  • Make it Comfortable

    When prepping up the living room, your core thought should always be to make things comfortable and fun for your guests. To achieve the same, you need to pay attention to the details, and incorporate bits that add liveliness to the space. You can begin with fresh flowers, scented candles, potpourri, interesting wall and table décor, interesting carpets, comfy cushions and so on.

    You can also play around colors and include things that make the area striking and cool. Try to bring symmetry in the manner things are placed all around the room, as it all adds up to the appeal.

  • Seating Arrangements

    When inviting more people into your house, you would want to ensure that you have sufficient cozy seats available for them. And, since rushing around to grab an extra seat while your guests keep standing doesn’t seem right, you need to make arrangements prior to the event night.

    Don’t fret if you do not have extra seating available at home. With Rentickle, you can now rent bean bags in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other big to small cities by just paying a nominal amount. Do take care to place the furniture in a manner that is conducive to the conversation, to make your event more happening.

  • Build Your Credit History

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P.S. Advisory blogs are good for the senses, every once in a while.

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