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What Can ₹500 Or Less Get You? A Lot Of Things On Rent, Actually

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You will simply be amazed to find out what amounts of money you could save, if you just rented a few objects instead of buying them every time you move. And this is not just about your bulky bed or wardrobe. There are several small, day to day objects and appliances which you need to carry on comfortably with your life.

First, you spend good money in buying them, and then arises the issue of packing and moving them every time you change your location. But not anymore; read further to find out about some common household objects that you can simply rent online and for much less ₹500: -

  • Mattress:

    For people who are on the move more frequently, buying a mattress only adds to the baggage which they would have otherwise avoided. But you do not have to worry about all this, if you just rent the mattress. Rentickle lets you rent a mattress in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and even Hyderabad, for fewer than three hundred bucks per month. Now you can’t get thriftier than that!

  • Bean Bags:

    Rented a new flat or lacking extra seating for your party? Well, rent bean bags for a quick fix. They are adorable, super comfortable, and light-weight.Hence, dragging them to any corner of your space won’t be a problemat all. And you get all that for much less than one fifty bucks per month!

  • Laptop Tables:

    If you are someone who works on laptop for long hours, you’ll understand quite well how discomforting the entire act can get for the neck and back region of your body. So why not give your aching neck some respite and rent a laptop table instead. It won’t cost you the world, promise!

  • Lamps:

    It feels nice to add some charm to the place you live in from time to time, and lights are the most convenient way of doing it. But why buy, when you can rent them. Whether itis sophistication or some stark luminous color that you wish to bring to your living space, it will all be achievable and in a budget, with table lamps, floor lamps and tripod lamp rentals.

  • Microwave Oven:

    Miss those home-made late night cheese pizza moments with your sibling? Well life is too short, why waste time in yearning and repentances. Rent an OTG (Oven-Toaster-Grill) instead. By doing that, you can relish on all scrumptious snacks you have been missing, and that too at any time you please. Amazing, right? Wait till you check the rental prices.

Having to move every now and again is a hassle in itself,so save yourself the additional misery. If you are moving to a bigger city, you better try out some hacks for saving money, for living is going to get expensive for you. And with things like renting a mattress in Gurgaon (or wherever you are moving to), you can make a good start towards that.

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