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Where to place a washing machine at home?

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When we were little, we used to see our washing machine in a verandah or in the backyard. It used to confuse us a lot when we would see other people keeping their machines in the kitchen or the bathroom. At that juncture in life, it was rather hard to reconcile a kitchen with washing clothes. Now however,sensibility has dawned upon us, and we understand the need of a functional source of water and place for an outlet.

If you are one of those who are living on rent, choose to get a washing machine on rent instead of buying one. Next, if you don’t have a designated area for the machine,here are the places to consider for placing a washing machine at home.


Avoid the Bathroom (A Big NO)

Apart from the fact that bathrooms are generally not the roomiest, they tend to get wet.Water on the floor and falling on the machine can cause some serious damage to the body, making the bathroom a place that you should avoid for your machine.

The Kitchen (A Practical YES)

The kitchen, despite childhood beliefs, is not a very bad idea. There won't be a lot of water flying aboutand it would be easy to find a drain as well as running water for your machine. The problem that may arise with this option is that you may lack space, or you may simply find it a little tacky.

A Designated 'Now you're talking'Space

The best place that one can put a washing machine is its own room or space. A storeroom or an extra room where you have a proper drainage system as well as a water supply is always the best to keep your machine away from undue damage and away from the main areas of your home. However, for people living on rent, this would be a rather hard task to accomplish and they might just have to make do with a designated corner rather than room.

It doesn’t matter whether you get a washing machine on rent or you go ahead and buy it. The main point is where you are going to keep it. A lot of people tend to overlook this aspect of making or renting homes; but trust us, avoid the grief simplyby planning it out in advance.


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