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Where to Put That LED TV to Get the Best Placement

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Creating or upgrading a home theater setup, or just buying a new television for your home often comes down to one argument - which television to get? With televisions becoming more and more futuristic by the day, it sometimes becomes a challenge to make a choice. While there are several types of TVs, LED TVs are the current darlings of the masses. Unlike an old boxy TV which required about an entire corner of a room to itself, the slim form LED TVs feel sleek in comparison. Hand them on the wall or put them on a TV cabinet, LED TVs fit well with the aesthetics of any room. Whether you’re looking to buy or get an LED TV on rent Hyderabad is one place where either would not be a problem. Bearing that in mind, here are a few installation tips that can help you get the best when installing an LED TV in your home: -

  • Mind the Height:

    Yes! When placing a television, height is the most important factor above everything else. You would know why we all love buying those center seats in a theatre at the back (obviously for an excellent viewing experience). Ideally, you should keep you TV at a height that is just at eye-level when sitting in front of it. Obviously, you'll be the most comfortable when you have to look straight ahead, rather than up or down at the screen. This works for both the cases - whether you're mounting the TV on the wall, or putting it on a stand.

  • Measure the Distance:

    Well, you do not want your TV to be too close or too far from the sitting area. A distance of about 8-9 feet from the TV, works with most TVs. If sitting closer to the TV set doesn’t work with you, you can alternatively get a larger TV screen.

  • Check the Placement:

    The placement of the TV is another major thing to look at, as outside or room lighting and reflections can affect the viewing. While most modern TVs have screen technologies that can adapt to excessive light, excess light or reflection can spoil the game. Another thing to consider is your kids or pets at home. You wouldn’t want your TV falling on your baby or pet and causing an injury! So, choose a place that’s inaccessible to your little ones.

Today's flat-panel displays leave the entire room to your creativity when it comes to placing them. Regardless of whether you buy or get an LED TV on rent in Hyderabad, place it where it provides the most immersive viewing experience. After all, isn’t that what’s a TV for?!

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