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Why Rentickle is a Better Option for Online Furniture Rental in Bangalore?

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A progressive cosmopolitan city, Bangalore is known for its pleasant weather, hip bars, and eccentric destinations, all of which have contributed to the city’s immense popularity among travel enthusiasts as well as the working population. Also known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has undergone rapid urbanization and development in the last few decades, attracting a host of people who move to the city in search of better career opportunities and growth.

The Growing Trend of Furniture Rental in Bangalore

Bangalore’s boom in popularity and population over the last few decades also led to a rising cost of living in the city. Renting and furnishing accommodation in the city can be quite expensive, which is what initially led to the growing number of furniture rental companies in Bangalore, which were established to help meet the demands of the city’s migrant population. Whether you are a student pursuing higher education, an employee posted to Bangalore for a pre-defined period of time, whether your job requires you to constantly relocate, or if you are just starting on your career, purchasing new furnishings, or hauling them from one city to another may not always be the best idea.

Additionally, for people who have just moved to the city, furnishing can prove to be quite expensive. Leasing furniture is a practical option for people whose budgetary constraints are causing delays in their plans of buying their own furniture in the coming times.

Purchasing Vs Getting Furniture on Rent

As more and more people opted for monthly furniture rental plans, the many benefits and the sheer convenience of the concept gained momentum, adding to the growing popularity of furniture rental in Bangalore. Some of the reasons that make furniture rental to furnish homes a preferred choice include:

1. Well-Suited for Temporary Requirements

Interns, students, ex-pats, people who are constantly on the move, people temporarily living in rented accommodation, and people saving money for furnishing their homes can opt for affordable furniture rental solutions. This way, neither is there any need to ship bulky furnishings from city to city nor does one have to deal with the cumbersome process of selling their furniture every time they relocate. So, for people with temporary requirements, online furniture companies may just be the right choice.

2. Affordability

With furniture rental, the best and most obvious advantage is cost-effectiveness. The price of renting furniture is much lower than the price of buying new furniture. Not only this, but you also do not have to bear maintenance or repair costs for the furniture when you rent. Maintenance due to regular wear and tear is generally covered by the rental company.

Then there is also the fact that furniture is not an investment but a depreciating asset, which means that there is no actual value in holding on to old furniture. This is not something that you need to worry about when you rent furniture. Plus, with all the offers and discounts that you can generally avail with online furniture rental, there is no denying the cost-effectiveness of renting furniture rather than purchasing it.

3. Hassle-Free Experience

Whether you are living in a shared living space, renting, or about to move, there are no ‘moving’ hassles when you get your furniture on hire. With your own furniture, you would need to either find sellers for your furniture before you move, or you will have to contend with the expenses and risk of damage involved in shipping bulky furniture from one place to another. On the other hand, you have flexible tenure choices for rental furniture, which you can select based on your plans. When it’s time to move, you can opt for relocation services where the rental company collects the furniture from your present accommodation and delivers a fresh set of furnishings at the new place. Or you can simply search for “furniture rental near me” when you get to the new location.

4. Freedom of Choice

To furnish an entire room, you can rent a furniture set for convenience, or you can choose different pieces of furniture, based on your need. Later, once the chosen rental tenure is over, you will have the choice to continue with the rental, purchase the rented piece, or upgrade the furniture you rent to change the look of the room. With rental furniture, you have a lot of flexibility and freedom to pick and choose, based on your style preferences.

Rentickle: One of the Top Furniture Rental Companies in Bangalore

Even as the trend of renting furniture grew in popularity in Bangalore, finding the right rental company required thorough research and due thought to ensure a hassle-free experience throughout. That is why Rentickle, offering a range of high-quality furniture and furnishings for rent at the most competitive prices, with additional benefits like free delivery and installation, free maintenance, free relocation and returns, and much more, quickly became one of the most trusted names for furniture rental in Bangalore.

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