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Top 4 reasons why you should pick an air cooler this summer!

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With the scorching sun right on our head, it’s time to beat the dry heat that comes along and stay cool for the summer.

A good cooling system is what you need around you and with modern problems comes modern and smarter solutions, this is the time to take benefits from the rental industry and explore the multiple possibilities of saving money while living the lavish life.

The question that haunts every new buyer from time to time is whether to opt for an air cooler or an air-conditioner? Most people feel, getting an air conditioner would be a big burden for the ones who are always on the move, which is true, you can’t carry a huge AC along and the modern generation doesn’t have the time for that. But same goes for a heavy air cooler as well, so in what way one can be beneficial over other, especially for the millennials?

The major difference between both is that Air cooler is more compact when compared with an Air conditioner, not just that but an air cooler is way less maintenance than an air-conditioner.

To put it simply, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly, movable and less on trouble solution for your needs then go for Air Cooler.

And, this is exactly when air cooler on rent comes your way to make your life even better.

But, before you go ahead with it, let’s look at the benefits.


The benefits that come when you get an air cooler:


Stay cool in budget!

When you invest in an air cooler you spend fairly far less than what would have been spent on an air conditioner and the margin is huge, now imagine if you could get the same product at even less and more affordable cost along with additional benefits that fit in with your lifestyle then how amazing it would be? That’s exactly what getting an air cooler on rent is, you get to stay cool in this hot weather at nearly half the cost of the product.


Save that energy!

Cooler is the most energy efficient appliance out there, it consumes far less energy and helps in lowering the electricity bill by a great number. The air cooler works on the principle of evaporative cooling, it gets the natural warm hair from the outdoors and then make it go through cooling pads and as the water evaporates the fan blows out cool and fresh air. One of the hidden benefits of having an air cooler is that even if the voltage drops, the air cooler will continue to work as it was and won’t shut down like other appliances.


Always on the move!

Most of the people opt for coolers due to their portability, ones who are always on the move can’t be committed to heavy appliances in new cities that’s when light and portable coolers comes in the picture, even better is that now you can get it an air cooler on rent at half the buying cost and all the moving and shifting of the appliance is taken care of by the company. Just Great!


Think of our environment!

Air coolers have a relatively low power consumption when compared with other heavy duty air conditioners, air coolers allow us to open the windows to let the fresh air in rather than cooling the stale air of a locked room like what an air conditioner would do. Also, an air cooler has no harmful emission of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), which should be important to both - makers and the consumers, environmental benefits should be on top of the priority list for all of us.


A quicker, efficient and right in your budget solution for summer heat would be to get a cooler on rent, since usage of AC has been proven to lead to health damage in the long term.

An air cooler on the other hand, allows proper ventilation in the room and keeps the toxins at bay since it uses the traditional method of spreading air by evaporating the water to keep the room cool hence getting the term water cooler which is quite eco-friendly than the ACs.

With Rentickle, it makes the user experience even better by providing additional benefits like Free Delivery, Free Maintenance, Easy Returns and Free Relocation.

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