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Why You Should Rent a DSLR in Delhi, If You Don’t Already Own One

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No matter where you come from, once you settle in the capital city, you are bound to be a Dilli-wala and if you have been around for some time, you will certainly share our sentiment about how gorgeously picturesque Delhi is. If you are a lover of art, history and culture, you are in the right city.

A delight for free souls and travel enthusiasts, most of Delhi’s attractions are photogenic and worthcapturing.No matter if it’s the majesticred sandstone tombs and monuments or the white marble temples; you will be forever elated to click the best of this city.

Considering how wonderful it is to have a hobby like photography, you’ve got several options for DSLR renting in Delhi. Yes, you don’t necessarily have to buy one – nowadays, you can rent it instead. What for? Well, there’s a plethora of reasons. Here goes: -

  • For Street Photography:

    Amidst the chirping crowd, busy streets and delicious food, you can gather some great shots at Chandini Chowk. The little, tucked streets of Hauz Khas Village also make great backdrops for portfolio and fashion photography. Eventful streets with colour splashes here and there, mix of traditional and modern, make for some very interesting clicks. Also, occasional street festivities around Delhi can prove to be a cherry on the cake.

  • For Heritage/ Culture Photography:

    Hauz Khas Tomb, the tomb of Humayun and the Red Fort are among the most appreciated monuments in Delhi. These tombs speak about the love of Mughals for fine architecture and art. The lake in the back drop of the Hauz Khas fort completes the beautiful frames and will certainly fill up your digital memories. Delhi Haat is another great place if you love colors, vibrancy and everything beautiful.

  • For Nature Photography:

    There’s no place better than the National Zoological Park. Housing a variety of animals and birds, this is every kid’s favorite zoo; with a DSLR at hand, it will be your favorite too. Capture the sights of Lodhi Gardens and the Garden of Five Senseswhich are replete with abundant greenery, beautiful skyline and pretty flowers.With several subjects to shoot and frame, the photographic opportunities are abundant at such places.

Do you have a knack for photography? And are you searching for a great professional camerato satisfy your photographic urge? Rentickle can help satiate your passion for photography - simply rent a DSLR in Delhi from us at as low as ₹525/day! After that, all you need to do is head to these awesome places and countless others.Trust us; you’ll be surprised at the pictures you get from these spots!

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