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Find the perfect refrigerator that sets your kitchen apart.

A refrigerator is a large investment and it is one of the most important appliances in your home. It’s important to pick a fridge that is perfect for you and your home. Before getting a fridge on rent, you should decide the kind of fridge you would like to get – do you need a double-door that can store a lot of food and drinks, or will a smaller one suffice?

Whether you are looking to buy a new refrigerator or replace your existing one, choosing to get one on rent is a great idea. Every home appliance rental provider will have multiple options for you to choose from, and you can select the appliance that works best for you.

Renting also gives you the opportunity to try out different makes and models before purchasing a particular appliance and you can always return the appliance back whenever you want or at the end of your rental period.

If you’re rented fridge breaks down, your refrigerator rental provider will help you with repairs at no additional cost, and if you need to upgrade your fridge to a bigger one, especially for the summer, you can swap your older fridge for a new one.

And the best part about renting?If the fridge does not fit or you do not like how the fridge looks in your kitchen, you can always exchange it for another one.

Rent the perfect Refrigerator

Whether you’re someone who can’t do without ice-cold water or loves cold pizza, everyone needs a fridge. If you need to invest in a fridge, renting one is a great idea. You can choose between various types and see what works best for you. Do you want a double door refrigerator or something small that fits perfectly in your living room or kitchen?

Every refrigerator rental provider will be able to help you out with all the information you need before selecting a fridge, and you also have the option of trying a fridge out before buying it.

It’s also important to know how long you need an appliance for. If you’re living in a rented apartment for a couple of months while you work or study in a different city, buying appliances might seem like a huge waste of money. Instead, you should be smart and rent appliances that are essential. You can’t go too long without a fridge to store all your essential items, so get one on rent, and you won’t regret it one bit!

Choosing to get home appliances on rent isn’t only for people living in a temporary place. Whether you’re living with family or own your own home, you can furnish your entire house by opting to get your furniture and appliances on rent. Home appliance rental stores will have everything you need to set up your home – right from that flat-screen television you’ve been eyeing to the latest refrigerators. Whatever you need is available for rent.

Double door or single door – Choose the best fridge

From having everything in one place to segregating your cold cuts and having a dedicated place for your ice creams, Rentickle offers you high-end refrigerators that will check off every feature on your wish list. Whether you want a double door or a single door fridge, our refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and colours.

Rentickle offers you three sizes of refrigerators – 170 litres, 190 litres, and a double door 230 litres fridge.The single door 170-litre fridge is the perfect compact fridge for students and bachelors. Compared to the standard fridge, the smaller fridge offers several advantages because it can be easily used in numerous places where a normal size fridge doesn’t prove to be practical. These compact fridges are most useful in student dorms, compact flats, offices, motels, hotels, cars etc.

The single door 190-litre fridge is perfect for small families or young couples. They’re also an excellent option for smaller offices where a large fridge would be too big and a smaller one would not fit the purpose. Mid-sized fridges are perfect for people who don’t want or need a big fridge and they have added efficiency benefits too.

The double door 230-litre fridge offers maximum storage, and is perfect for larger families or if you are living with flatmates. Large refrigerators limit the number of shopping trips you need to undertake for you can store much more food and drinks without a worry.

But make sure to figure out beforehand the kind of fridge you need, and make sure they fit in your room perfectly. Most rental providers will have multiple options for you to choose from and you wouldn’t need to compromise on quality or opt for a cheaper model if you decide to buy one.

Why choose Rentickle?

Rentickle offers you fridges made by the best, most trusted brands in the market. We have a handpicked selection of refrigerators on offer, suitable for a range of needs and budgets. Getting appliances on rent makes life a lot easier and you can choose exactly what make and model works best for you. You don’t always need to select an appliance just because. Every appliance rental store will offer you multiple options to choose from without asking you to spend a ton of money.

There’s no doubt that renting is a great way to save money and time. You don’t need to spend hours going from shop to shop trying to decide which appliance suits your needs. With renting, you can have a new refrigerator or microwave delivered to your home in no time, and if you do need to upgrade it to another model, your appliance rental provider will help you to do just that.

Getting home appliances, like a fridge on rent is a great way to try it out before actually buying the appliance. This is definitely the biggest advantage of renting. Even if you have the money to buy appliances, it isn’t always wise to do so until you’re sure they’re exactly what you need.

Rentickle offers you the best and the latest refrigerators on rent in the market. Our machines are sourced from the best brands and you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

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