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Streamline your living space with storage solutions for every room.

Whether you are looking to simplify your living room or wanting to free up space in your bedroom, investing in furniture that provides storage options is a great idea. Investing in furniture like wardrobes, bookshelves, and dressing tables is a great way to helping you maximize small spaces and keep your clutter to a minimum.

But investing in these elaborate furniture pieces can get quite expensive. But you can’t skip getting them either. So, if you don’t want to invest too much money, you can just rent them. Renting is easy. From weeks to months, you can rent furniture for as long as you need. You also have a wide variety of furniture options to choose from, and you don’t need to bother yourself with delivery, maintenance, and other tedious decisions.
You can choose from different options and pick the one that suits your needs the best. Are you working from home and need a place to store all your work equipment? Get a study table with drawers on rent, and the next time you need a pen, you won’t have to hunt all over the house for it.
At Rentickle, we carry a wide selection of storage furniture so you can choose from many different options for your home. We carry the best storage furniture products, so you can find one that is just right for you.

Rent Everything You Need

Setting up your home isn’t an easy task, and there are so many things you need. But you can effectively manage the space in your home if you invest in storage furniture right at the start. From bookshelves to sturdy desks and wardrobes, Rentickle’s inventory includes handpicked, trendy, useful bedroom furnishings that will help elevate your room.
Most furniture rental stores will help set up your furniture, so you don’t need to worry about assembling the bookshelf or wardrobe all by yourself. And the best part? If you are getting a bulky piece of furniture on rent, you don’t need to worry about carrying it all the way to your home. Your rental provider will deliver it straight to your doorstep. Let the delivery guys handle everything while you focus on other important things.

Rent Beautiful, Top-Quality Wardrobes

Wardrobes can provide loads of added storage space for all your clothes, shoes, bags, ties and so much more. The right one can also serve as a focal point in an otherwise drab room. While wardrobes have been around forever, today’s styles are anything but ordinary. Rentickle offers you a stylish two-door wardrobe on rent that comes with a wooden finish that adds that extra bit of elegance to your home
Wardrobe furniture can come with many options for storage, including drawers, cabinets, and hanging rods. You should measure carefully in advance to be sure to select a piece that fits your room. You need to make sure you have enough place to move around freely in your room, and if your wardrobe takes up all the space, you’ll end up feeling extremely claustrophobic. Renting allows you to figure out exactly what type of wardrobe works best for you.

Rent Intricately Crafted Bookshelves & Dressing Tables

Curling up at the end of a hard day's work with a glass of wine and your favourite book is a great way to end your day – and if reading is something you do on a regular basis, chances are you have a lot of books that need to be stored. And what better way to organize your books than with getting a bookshelf on rent!
The right bookshelf is equal parts storage, interior design, personal history, and convenience. Every bookshelf tells a story, but only because of the objects it displays. The look of the bookshelf, the materials, the shape, and the location all combine to give everyone a unique feel. Because every home is different, and every room is its own design challenge, every owner has their own ideas about what would work in any given space.
For many people, having a dressing table in their bedroom is a must. You can simply store your favourite belongings in a bedroom vanity, or get ready in the morning in front of a tall and stylish mirror. Dressing tables can act as a station where you get ready in the morning, everything from storing your perfume and makeup to combing your hair at the end of your day.
Getting a dressing table on rent is a great way to store all your essentials in one place since these tables come with multiple drawers where you can store all your belongings. Make sure to measure the space in your room before investing in a dressing table, and remember to opt for a table that has sufficient storage space for all your essentials.

Why choose Rentickle?

Because we understand what our customers need, and we’re here to make your rental experience seamless and enjoyable. So, if you had to choose between getting furniture second-hand stores and flea markets, or from high-end brands whose catalogues you’ve probably drooled over a dozen times by now, why would you ever want to settle, when you can totally afford the latter by renting? Renting furniture is also an appealing option if you want to try out a piece for your house before you fully purchase it.
Choosing to rent furniture means you no longer have to worry about spending a lot of money buying expensive furniture items you might not need in the long run. Renting also cuts down on moving costs and you can find furniture according to your convenience and style.

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